Advised Clubs

Ambassadors Ambassadors work to bridge the gap between current students and prospective TAMSters by allowing students to take part in Preview and Interview Days, Spend-A-Days, and other outreach opportunities.
Ballot Ballot is TAMS' one-stop shop for all things debate, Model UN, and political awareness. We aim to inform the student body of current events and foster a non-judgmental environment to discuss modern issues through both our events and activities and through those of our committee, Shout!
Computer Science Computer Science Club seeks to foster interest in multiple fields of programming, for both beginners and advanced students.
Dull Roar Dull Roar is TAMS's music organization and welcomes all TAMS students, regardless of music experience, to join; aside from weekly ensemble rehearsals, Dull Roar also participates in and encourages TAMSters to experience the local music scene and continue (or begin!) individual passions for music. 

The Fellowship for the Advancement of Cultural Education of Students (FACES) is a multicultural club at UNT whose mission is to unite people by embracing cultural diversity as well as through realizing and respecting different perspectives. We work with various organizations along with TAMS, such as the Heart House in Dallas and an international micro-loans initiative, to foster these global connections. We also host cultural celebrations for the TAMS community so that students can experience the different cultures surrounding them.


HOPE, Helping Other People Everywhere, is the largest student-led organization dedicated to community service at TAMS. We provide year-round volunteering through our 18 committees, host the annual HOPE Auction and Dance charity fundraiser, organize four blood drives in collaboration with Carter BloodCare throughout the year, and much more! Make sure to check out our website,, for more information!

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) & Robotics The mission of the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) is to cultivate a passion for science, engineering, and technology. We have an extensive outreach program in which we aim to provide STEM engagement throughout the community and make scientific discovery accessible to all. We volunteer year-round in the surrounding community, creating fun and fascinating experiments for children to learn and grow from. We also have our very popular bi-annual Science Adventure Camp in which we invite 80 underprivileged children to come and learn about STEM for free! In addition, we also participate in various competitions including Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and FIRST Robotics, developing the next generation of STEM professionals with diverse interests.
Judicial Board The Judicial Board is a collection of TAMS students that serve in a section of the disciplinary system within TAMS. 
McConnell Hall Association TAMS McConnell Hall Association is an organization dedicated to uniting the students of UNT and the students of TAMS. In addition, TAMS MHA strives to provide a place for all students attending TAMS.
Mu Alpha Theta Mu Alpha Theta (MAO) is the official math club at TAMS, and our mission is to recognize and foster mathematical interests in the student body. We participate in many competitions throughout the year, including Texas A&M University High School Mathematics Contest, Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament, F=MA, and AMC 12. Additionally, we strive to impact our community and encourage math pursuits through local elementary school volunteering.

Naturally, the environmental club of TAMS, is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness, encouraging sustainability, and cultivating a love for the outdoors within the TAMS community and the surrounding area. We host fun campouts, run the TAMS Garden, Recycling and Bike Share programs, and volunteer with external organizations such as the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center and Keep Denton Beautiful in order to achieve our mission of sustainability and environmentalism.

pROfiLE pROfiLE aspires to encourage self expression through the arts, to help the community through artistic service projects, and to provide competition opportunities. The "ROLE" in "Profile" is capitalized to emphasize the theatrical aspect of the club, while the entire word relates to profiles in visual arts.
ProjectSmile Project smile is a club dedicated to boosting TAMS morale, reducing stress, and spreading smiles in the TAMS and Denton communities through fun activities and community service.
Replay This is Replay, the yearbook, newspaper, and magazine club of TAMS! We seek to recognize the creative talents of TAMS students. If you are interested in photography, videography, design, or writing, please join one of our teams! 
Research Organization

Research Organization (RO) is committed to helping TAMS students excel in research by improving their communication, presentation, and execution skills. We connect you to university resources, research competitions (TJAS, TJSHS, Intel ISEF-affiliated Science Fairs, & more) and volunteering in the community via Aspire Exposition and Mentorship programs. Join us and change the world! 

Sports Club Our mission is to encourage TAMS students to stay healthy and fit throughout the year, interacting with one another and fostering a sense of community through sports during their tenure at TAMS.
TAMS Business Organzation TBO, or the TAMS Business Organization, works to foster a culture of business and leadership amongst its members. Regardless of the fields or passions you may wish to pursue, TBO caters to the needs of its members to become more entrepreneurial, professional, and confident.
TAMS Medical Society TAMS Medical Society is dedicated to enriching the medical experience of TAMS students through a host of activities, including, but not limited to, shadowing, volunteering, service, current events, and competitions.
TAMS Academic Society TAMS Academic Society is dedicated towards fostering an environment in which individuals are able to thrive academically through the use of our peer tutoring system and academic committees. We also focus on giving back to those who need it most in our surrounding community of North Texas through our variety of education-based volunteering committees such as tutoring ESL students and working with specialists to help children in the Autism community. Additionally, we aim to create an impact globally through She's the First, an international nonprofit dedicated towards funding the education of female scholars in low-income countries. Furthermore, we offer opportunities for students to challenge themselves academically through a variety of academic competitions such as academic decathlon and various humanities focused programs.


Independent Clubs

Artificial Intelligence Society The Artificial Intelligence Society (AIS) aims to increase the TAMS community’s understanding of artificial intelligence techniques and applications. Through guided study and regular competitions, we will crystallize the process of creating machine learning algorithms and explore the multitude of problems they can be applied to. By the end of the year, members will have the skills to pursue AI-based projects on their own, which will be demonstrated by a cumulative group project showcase.
Driving Tomorrow Driving Tomorrow is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to unite the TAMS and UNT communities to assist disadvantaged communities. We aim to provide meaningful community service projects and volunteering opportunities that create a long-term impact on the community. This goal includes providing resources to those who could not afford them otherwise. By organizing various supply drives, the organization has provided relief to elementary school students, Hurricane Florence victims, homeless shelters, and domestic abuse shelters. In the upcoming year, we want to spread our mission and increase our impact by establishing new chapters of our club in high schools.
Docked Fusion Docked Bhangra is a dance team that's all about having fun and learning to dance along the way. Our goal is to inspire students to become more involved with their community through the art of dance. We integrate different styles of Indian dance and music with elements of hip-hop and contemporary Western music. We perform at all major performances at TAMS including Aid The Cause (ATC), Hope Auction, and WorldFest, and we hope to expand to UNT-wide events this upcoming year!
Eureka! A physics and aeronautics based organization that aims to spread the love of physics to the TAMS and Denton community by tutoring at local middle and high schools, creating fun and exciting events at McConnell Hall, and participating in worldwide recognized physics competitions.
Girl Up TAMS Girl Up is an intersectional feminism organization aimed at spreading awareness about social justice issues, empowering women and minorities to pursue STEM careers through volunteering, inspiring activism through community service projects, and advocating for equal rights within the TAMS community and around the world.
Join us and help make TAMS a more inclusive community while impacting thousands of girls around the globe!
Ignite Bible Study Ignite is a student-led Bible study that focuses on learning about God’s word and how to live a Christian life in modern society. We not only have Bible studies, but we also have worship jam nights, game nights, prayer nights, and lots more!! Everyone is welcome to join, even if you aren’t a Christian and just want to know more about our faith.
Quizbowl TAMS Quizbowl is a place for students who enjoy fast-paced, academic competitions that cover a wide variety of subjects such as literature, science, mathematics, history, fine arts, mythology, current events, sports, and even popular culture. Our purpose is to foster a learning environment where students are able to enjoy themselves, compete in a team, and interact with those who share similar interests.
SAGA (Sexuality & Gender Alliance) TAMS SAGA (Sexuality & Gender Alliance) is a club dedicated to providing a safe community at TAMS to talk about and raise awareness for LGBTQ+ issues as well as raise money for queer charities, all while providing a social environment for everyone.
Student Council Our purpose is to be the voice of the TAMS community, spread the TAMS spirit, and provide resources to students. Student Council coordinates After Prom, college fair, career fair, Club Bonanza, wing representatives, fundraising projects, and other intriguing events that bring the students together and allow them to be an integral part of TAMS.
TAMS Black Student Union

TAMS Black Student Union (TBSU) is a club that aims to increase awareness and appreciation for Black and African American issues, history, and culture among the student body at the Texas Academy of Math and Science. We strive to promote positive images of Black and African Americans and help all students to thrive and achieve their dreams. Throughout the year, we plan to organize fundraisers in order to support underprivileged African-Americans, have fun and informative GAs, and hold our annual Still We Rise Black History Month event. You don’t want to miss out!

TAMS Chess Club TAMS Chess Club is a place where students can improve their critical thinking skills through the game of chess. We will have weekly practices, volunteering events, and we also hope to enter in local and state tournaments this year.
TAMS Culinary Society (TCS)

TAMS Culinary Society (TCS) is a club dedicated to improving the lifestyle of TAMS students and those in need in our community by teaching students how to cook healthy foods, offering after-curfew food, and hosting food-related events.

VIBE VIBE is a TAMS dance organization that aims to foster a sense of community through dance practices and performances during the year, including Aid The Cause, HOPE Auction, UNT's KCE festivals, WorldFest, and more! VIBE explores various types of dance styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz. Beginners and experienced dancers are both welcome to join! COME VIBE WITH US!

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