Independent Club Registration

Welcome to the Registration form for Independent Clubs of TAMS!

Independent Clubs are a great way to pursue an idea that you have and to form a club that is entirely student run.

In order to guarantee a spot as an independent club, you must complete this registration form which includes your exec board and their position titles.

All Independent clubs, both old clubs and new clubs, must fill out this registration in order to be in operation at TAMS for the Fall of 2018.

Without a registration form completed by April 30, 2018, your club will not be eligible for the Fall Semester of 2018.

Below you will list the names and position titles of your executive officers, but each officer should still follow this LINK to give us information about themselves.

Thank you, and as always email Ben Warren if you have any questions.

A brief description of who your club is and its mission & vision (see the clubs and club info page for reference).