Personal Counseling

Who provides the counseling services?

Dr. Patrick Turnock, Licensed Psychologist

James Rushton, M.S. 

Tosha Griggs, M.S. 

Where are they located?

Dr. Turnock's office is located in Sage Hall, Room 320. James's and Tosha's offices are located in McConnell Hall behind the Student Activities Center. However, during the Fall 2020 semester, appointments will be held virtually/remotely instead of in person.

How are appointments scheduled?

If you are in crisis and cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, inform TAMS staff that you need to speak to the psychologist ASAP and they will contact one of us.

Dr. Turnock (940) 565-4657
James Rushton (940) xxx-xxxx
Tosha Griggs (940) xxx-xxxx

What are the types of problems or issues with which they deal?

Anything of concern to TAMS students. Everyday decisions and challenges involving:

  • Relationships
  • Personal identity and growth
  • Adjustment to TAMS
  • Deciding on college major/career

Academic counseling issues should be referred to the TAMS Academic Office.

What if a student is worried about a friend or family member?

Students are welcome to come in and talk about these situations.

Are rule infractions reported to the staff?

No, we do not report disciplinary issues.

What about confidentiality?

  • Sessions are confidential
  • Exceptions include danger to self or others
  • Explained in more detail during first meeting

What if a TAMS student wants to talk to you in the evening or weekends?

  • Some evening appointments are available
  • If it’s urgent, ask any staff member to page us
  • If necessary and helpful to come to the dorm at night, we will

Are there any fees or any limits on appointments?

No, all counseling is free of charge. Students can be seen as often as necessary.

Career Counseling

What is career counseling at TAMS?

Many students come to TAMS without clearly defined career goals. Our career counseling service provides an awareness and selection program designed to assist TAMS students in developing a vision and a plan for the future.

What types of tests are administered?

The tests assess students’ interests, personality types and work values. Students identify individual interests and compare them to those of individuals who are engaged in various occupations. Students also learn about their personality type and relate it to the various tasks and responsibilities of different jobs. In addition, students identify individual values and preferences that clearly impact work roles and satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.

Who provides the career counseling for TAMS students?

Career counseling and testing are provided by Dr. Turnock and his team.

How do I sign up for career counseling?

Make an appointment by contacting anyone on the Couseling team. They will set up a time to meet with you and arrange for you to take the tests. After the tests are scored, you will be contacted to come in for your individual feedback concerning the results.

How can I get more information about specific careers I’m interested in?

There is a lot of helpful information available on the internet. Two highly recommended sites that provide job descriptions, required training, work conditions, salaries and up-to-date forecasts of job prospects are The Occupational Outlook Handbook at and Careerinfonet at

Academic Counseling/Advising

Please see Academic Counseling on the Academics main page for additional information.