The goal of the TAMS experience is to develop the whole person - but the focus of the experience is in the academic program. Taking rigorous university courses; working with university faculty in their scientific laboratories; serving in research internships at medical schools or at NASA; having the opportunity to engage in artistic pursuits, in reflective philosophical discourses, and in exercise to enhance physical well-being are all part of the Academy experience.

It is our purpose to extend knowledge and understanding for each student far beyond where they are when they arrive. The courses our students take are university courses - not high school courses - and the faculty are university professors who are also engaged in internationally recognized research. Note that the TAMS core curriculum requires the same science and mathematics courses that science and mathematics majors take. University faculty bring to the classroom a unique perspective that enriches what they teach. Academy students benefit uniquely from this knowledge and expertise. It is our sincere desire that students will find an environment in which they can increase knowledge, develop imagination, explore ideas and feelings, find life-long friends, and strengthen their desire to serve humankind.


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If you have questions regarding the TAMS academic program, please call 940-565-3979.