Bed Information

McConnell Hall has two loft-style beds for each room. Each mattress is roughly 80 inches long (6 feet, 8 inches). You can purchase sheets in this size by looking for Twin XL or Twin X-Large at most stores (Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.). The bed-frame is adjustable to any height and is 37.5 inches wide. The picture below is what a standard bed height and room arrangement looks like:

Typically, when students choose to raise the bed height from its standard 18.5” (measuring from the floor to the bottom of the bed frame), they do so in one of two general options. While the beds can be customized to any height, we are offering a pre-order service of two possible options for your beds via this webform HERE.

  1. The “Wide Open Spaces” Model of room development provides a spacious Feng Shui for your morning Thai Chi or Chai Tea, whichever you prefer. This model raises the bed height to its max of 58” allowing the student to fit their desk and dresser underneath the bed.

  1. The "Fridge & Dresser" Model allows for the student to fit their dresser (H: 30.38") and a mini-fridge (up to 34" in height) under their bed allowing them to gently sleep to the white noise of their buzzing refrigerator which faithfully keeps their bottled-waters and leftover chicken strips nicely chilled.

(Bed would be slightly higher than pictured above to allow for the mini-fridge)