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Summer Research

TAMS Summer Research Scholarships for juniors entering their senior year of study (application for 2018 will open soon)

Pending the availability of funding, TAMS will award a significant number of TAMS Summer Research Scholarships to encourage your participation, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, in a host of labs and research environments. Beyond your capacity to locate a professor who is willing to supervise either ongoing or new research this summer, such factors as GPA, disciplinary reports, and participation in TAMS science and mathematics clubs will figure in the deliberations of the TAMS Directors, who serve as a committee to select recipients of the scholarships. 
These scholarships are, in the main, for TAMS juniors who are heading into their senior year at TAMS.  In rare cases, and with compelling rationale, a TAMS scholarship may go to a graduating senior.
Where do I look if I am not currently conducting research that will continue into the summer?

  • Consider approaching a professor with whom you have studied, and with whose research project you are familiar. See if that PI will take you on.
  • For broader UNT research opportunities, visit departmental web sites and explore the research interests of several faculty members.  Then, during office hours, visit one or more of these professors to discuss the possibility of your joining their research team for the summer, and perhaps longer.
  • Talk with TAMS seniors and other juniors who may have worked (or who are currently working) on research projects.
  • Several TAMS students traditionally end up with summer-research mentors at other universities. Please see regulations below.

What about getting paid?

  • You do not have to get paid for working with a research scientist on a research project. The experience and privilege of interacting closely with a scientist will be invaluable. Keep in mind that you are learning the methodology that your mentor uses to advance “enquiry” and to generate new knowledge. Those benefits, along with your own disciplined approach to research, will serve you well in later intellectual and professional challenges. 
  • That said, you will nonetheless receive a $3000 scholarship, spread over 3 payments, to help meet your summer expenses.
  • Accepting a TAMS Summer Research Scholarship requires full-time participation in the ten-week summer session (June 5-August 11). Exceptions will be rare and will not include your wish to take advantage of family travel plans, scheduled or otherwise.
  • UNT-based Summer Research Scholarship holders must register for at least one semester-credit-hour that reflects guided study or research within the department sponsoring your research. If your UNT research professor demands that you take three semester-credit hours, then so be it. Either way, we request that you obtain the professor’s approval to enroll for those hours on a Pass/Fail basis, as the summer-research experience is not about earning still one more “A”; at stake, rather, are the enchantment, discipline, and outcomes that accompany the adventure of research.  
  • If you conduct summer research at UNT, but did not receive a TAMS Summer Research Scholarship, you will still have to enroll in a UNT one-semester credit-hour course.  Support from TAMS may be available for that course.
  • If you conduct research at other universities, you will still have to enroll in, and pay for, HNRS 3996, a UNT one-semester credit-hour, P/F.  

The following will be among the rules governing early-research comportment:

  • Students who earn Summer Research Scholarships must carry health insurance, either through their family, or through the family’s independent purchase of insurance for the student.
  • There will be no research-mentor hopping. To receive the scholarship, you must work exclusively in the lab of the research mentor with whom you entered into covenant as part of the scholarship application process. The days of “dropping” one professor, picking up another, and retaining the scholarship are over. Nor may you work in two labs concurrently if you are receiving a TAMS Summer Scholarship.
  • Students may not switch labs during this summer period.
  • Students must abide by all University and TAMS rules, regulations, and policies. Any violation of these may result in summer-session or general TAMS dismissal, and with your having to reimburse the full value of the scholarship.
  • Students will hold no external employment—on weekdays or on weekends. You must devote your time entirely to your research endeavors and related enterprises.
  • Students may have to conduct research on weekends, at the discretion of their research mentors, save for time taken, if desired, for religious observance or National Holidays.
  • All recipients of TAMS Summer Research Scholarships must prepare posters for presentation at Scholars Day, in April 2018, and write a ten-page report. The TAMS administration will conduct a mid-summer comprehensive workshop on the craft of structuring and composing a scientific report to suit the needs of this research endeavor.
  • If students cease conducting research or do not display consistent devotion to their lab or team responsibilities, they may lose their scholarship and have to reimburse whatever segment of the scholarship they have already spent.