About 200 Texas residents are admitted to TAMS each year.  Admission is competitive, and students are selected from schools large and small, public and private, and from every region of the state.  Successful applicants must present SAT scores, grades, and teacher references suggesting a capacity to succeed in college-level work.  Computer programs or formulas are not used in student selection.  Every applicant will be evaluated holistically, and no specific SAT score or grade average will guarantee admission.  Aside from academic credentials, students will be judged on apparent maturity, motivation, behavioral record, and career interest.  The TAMS Selection Committee is comprised of experienced individuals including alumni parents and representatives from academia and from scientific, mathematical, and engineering professions.

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Challenge Yourself

TAMS students fully enroll at the University of North Texas, taking university courses from UNT faculty members on the cutting edge of their fields

Find your Family

Join a community of 374 TAMS students under one roof: McConnell Hall. Join one of over 40+ clubs exclusive to TAMS students - or make your own!

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With six different academic tracks and the ability to take electives, TAMS students can carve their own path to follow their passions in STEM.

Our Mission

The mission of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is to provide an accelerated education for bright, motivated Texas high school-age students who have demonstrated a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The academy also seeks to provide its students with the companionship of intellectual peers; to encourage students to develop the creativity, curiosity, reasoning ability, and self-discipline that lead to independent thought and action; and to aid students in developing the integrity that will enable them to benefit society.