Early TAMS Summer Research

This summer, TAMS will institute early-research experiences for six members (6) of the incoming class. We shall place these students in UNT-based research labs for the 10-week summer session (June 4–Aug. 10). 

Students will devote 40 or more hours a week to research, including weekends, as stipulated by research mentors. You will likely interact with other TAMS students, UNT graduate students, and, of course, the professor.  You will thereby receive a significant head start in (1) adjusting to life at UNT, (2) in learning how to navigate a research lab, (3) and in making contributions to your field of study. 

The experience will also include a weekly dinner with various staff and faculty members to practice the art of conversation, scientific and otherwise. 

If you receive an Early Summer Research placement, you will enroll in two specified credit hours in the class of Dr. William Moen (please see below). That will allow you to have access to UNT facilities (Health Center, library, recreation center, etc.). You must also have health insurance—either through a family policy or purchased separately via United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCFR.com/unt). The price of coverage from May - Aug. is around $464.00 (subject to change).  

TAMS will award a $3000 scholarship to help students meet these and related expenses.

The following will be among the rules governing early-research comportment:

--Students will devote themselves exclusively to the lab and endeavors of their research mentors, and will not seek to work in other labs concurrently.

--Students may not switch labs during this summer period.

--Students will abide by strict curfew hours and residence hall visitation rules.  Visitation rules will include guidelines for visiting the opposite sex as well as visiting UNT students in other residence halls. 

--Students must abide by all University and TAMS rules, regulations, and policies. Any violation of these may result in summer-session or TAMS dismissal.

--Students will hold no external employment—on weekdays or on weekends. You must devote your time entirely to your research endeavors and related enterprises.

--Students will live on-campus, for 10 weeks in a UNT residence hall. There will be no short- or long-distance commuting to and from a parent’s home.  TAMS Early Research students will live with other TAMS Early Researchers.  Assignments will be determined by the TAMS department in conjunction with UNT Housing.  

--Students will purchase a meal plan for the 10-week period (June 4–August 10).

--Students may return home for weekends sparingly, and only with the approval of their lab supervisors and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research. Students will be required to communicate weekend absences to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research by Wednesday of that same week.

--Because of the troublesome traffic along the I35 corridor (and elsewhere), parents or designated adults must drive the student to and from campus. 

--Students may end up conducting research on weekends, if their research mentors deem necessary. 

--Students will enroll in Dr. William Moen’s 2-credit course: UCRS 3150 Introduction to Research and Other Scholarly Activities. Class meetings are each Friday from 9:00am to 11:50am. The course provides an overview of research and research approaches, methods, and techniques for both qualitative and quantitative research. The course also reviews the compiling of literature reviews and bibliographies, the designing of poster presentations, the preparation of personal statements (for applications), and the ethical mandates of research.

Students will also attend Dr. James Duban’s weekly meeting (over dinner at Bruce Hall) covering college success, research and imagination across the disciplines, and conversational ease and acumen.

--All Early Research Students will prepare posters for presentation at Scholars Day, in April 2019.
Our decision about whom to accept will be final and without appeal.  We expect to receive more applications than we can accommodate, and we shall match student preference with available and appropriate labs and professors.  

Students who do not gain admission to this program will be able to seek out research opportunities in August 2018.


Because of the time-consuming challenges involved in placing students in varied laboratories, only early-admission TAMS students will be eligible for early research this year. Applications will be accepted until April 6th, 2018 at noon.  Applications received after this time will not be reviewed.

If you wish to be considered for early research, please send a brief email to Cynthia.Belew@unt.edu; kindly cc jduban@unt.edu.  In that email, kindly state in one sentence your wish to apply for the early-research program. Please direct questions regarding Early Summer Research to Ms. Cindy Belew or call 940-565-4914.
Early Research applicants and their parents must sign a form agreeing to abide by the above regulations.