Early TAMS Summer Research

Important Deadline Reminder: Your Early Summer Reseach Application should be submitted within 3 weeks of notice of admissions to the the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. 

This summer, TAMS will help to structure early-research experiences for ten members (10) of the incoming class, with separate interviews occurring in accord with the new “rolling admission” protocol, on a first-come, first-served basis. We shall place these students in UNT-based research labs for the 10-week summer session (June 1–Aug 7).

Students will devote 40 or more hours a week to research, including weekends, as stipulated by research mentors. You will likely interact with other TAMS students, UNT graduate students, and, of course, the professor.  You will thereby receive a significant head start in (1) adjusting to life at UNT, (2) in learning how to navigate a research lab, (3) and in making contributions to your field of study. 

The experience will also include a weekly dinner with various staff and faculty members to practice the art of conversation, scientific and otherwise. 

If you receive an Early Summer Research placement, you will enroll, Pass/Fail, in a stipulated one-hour Honors course. That will allow you to have access to UNT facilities (Health Center, library, recreation center, etc.). You must also have health insurance—either through a family policy or purchased separately via United Healthcare Student Resources: https://studentaffairs.unt.edu/student-health-and-wellness-center/billing-and-insurance.

TAMS will award a $4000 scholarship to help students meet these and related expenses. Rules and regulations will follow in a separate document for those invited for interviews.

Our decision about whom to accept will be final and without appeal.  We expect to receive more applications than we can accommodate, and, on the “rolling admission” basis, we shall match student preference with available and appropriate labs and professors. If a student is not chosen for the program, no explanations about comparative merit will be forthcoming.

Students who do not gain admission to this program will be able to seek out research opportunities when they arrive at TAMS in the fall, unless, during the summer, they are able to locate research opportunities at other institutions or facilities.  Any student who has already received an invitation to conduct research with a UNT researcher during the summer (quite aside from the Early Research program), must do so within the 10-week summer session; must abide by all policy matters listed above, and must assume the expense for living in McConnell Hall, purchasing a 10-week meal ticket, and signing up (and paying) for a departmental course of record, within the sponsoring department.

Although TAMS may place Early Researchers in a Pass/Fail 1-hr. course, only the student has the capacity (and responsibility, if necessary) to withdraw from that course. Any student who chooses not to continue in the program will assume complete responsibility for the cost of the course if the student fails to drop by the university deadline by which withdrawal comes with no financial consequence. As that date varies from year to year, students assume responsibility for obtaining that date from the Registrar’s Office.

Students who leave the program early will have their scholarships rescinded and be responsible for all expenses potentially lodged by varied segments of the university (i.e., Housing, Dining Services, Registrar’s Office, etc.).

Further regulations and a contract will follow for students selected for the Early Research Program.

Because of the time-consuming challenges involved in placing students in varied laboratories, admission will proceed in accord with the “rolling admission” protocol instituted in the 2019-2020 academic year. Students accepted into the program are expected to enroll and not to use the admission as a “holding card” for some other opportunity. Such strategizing wastes valuable time, energy, and the good-will commitment of faculty who agree to supervise a student.

Please direct questions regarding Early Summer Research to Ms. Valerie Adell, or call 940-565-4914.

Print and complete the Early Summer Research Agreement (you will need a digital copy of this agreement to submit with the application).

James Duban

Associate Dean for Research and National Scholarships, TAMS and the Honors College

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