Invest in TAMS

Invest in the Academy

Every gift counts

When you give to the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) you help us give intelligent, high ability students an opportunity to gain experiences that will carry them far into their futures.  The University of North Texas is a tier-one research university and has 68 academic programs ranked in the top 100 in the country, providing TAMS students with its full complement of resources including world-renowned professors, lab and research space, superior visual and performing arts, stimulating social events and more. Whether you give annually, establish an endowment, or make a planned gift, your support will make a difference in our students’ lives. This is your chance to pay it forward for the next generation of TAMSters.

Greatest Needs in the Academy

TAMS Endowment Fund

The Academy has committed to supporting its students who have demonstrated financial needs beyond what their family can cover. The TAMS Endowment Fund provides critical support for students through need-based scholarships. By supporting the endowment, you are helping a TAMSter in need who may not have otherwise been able to attend the Academy.


Dean’s Excellence Fund

The TAMS Dean’s Excellence Fund is a critical, unrestricted fund that enables the Academy to respond to opportunities and challenges as they occur.

When you support the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you support the strategic vision of the Academy by allowing for the Dean to have flexibility in directing the use of resources to the priorities of the Academy.



Specific Ways to Give 

Named Endowments

The TAMS Class of 2000 Scholarship was inspired by Dr. Pooneh Bagher ’00 and the class of 2000 to provide scholarship funding to support students with demonstrated financial need. This scholarship fund will remain open for additional gifts in the future.

The TAMS Class of 2006 Scholarship was inspired by the Fisher family and Nicole Berdy ’06 to help cover the program fee of a student with demonstrated financial need and to encourage younger generations of TAMSters to begin paying it forward by engaging in philanthropy. This scholarship fund will remain open for additional gifts in the future.

The TAMS Class of 1992 Scholarship Endowment was created by the class of 1992 to make TAMS more accessible to students with demonstrated financial need who otherwise may not have access to TAMS. This scholarship fund will remain open for additional gifts in the future.


For more information about establishing a new scholarship, contact UNT Division of Advancement at 940-565-2900.