TAMS Verification of Enrollment (drivers license)

At various stages of the driving training and licensing process, a student in the state of Texas must demonstrate that s/he/they is/are enrolled in a high school education program.  In order to obtain a TEA/VOE—verification of enrollment—form, TAMS students MUST follow the steps below, which also appear on the TAMS Academics webpage.


  1. No later than TWO weeks prior to the drivers license appointment, a student MUST send an e-mail to tamsacademics@unt.edu requesting a TEA/VOE form.
  2. ALL of the following information MUST be included in the email:
    1. Student’s full legal name (first, middle, last)
    2. Date TEA/VOE form needed
    3. Complete mailing address
      1. House number and full street name (e.g., Street, Lane, Boulevard, Circle, Court, etc)
      2. Number of apartment or unit if applicable
      3. City, state, and zip code
    4. Student 8-digit UNT ID#
    5. Student’s cell phone # (not a parent’s #)
    6. Indicate how form will be received
      1. TAMS should mail the form to the student’s mailing address = Expect 5-7 business days for processing and delivery
      2. Student will pick up the form in Sage Hall #320 = Expect 2-3 business days for processing and student MUST bring UNT ID
      3. Parent/guardian CANNOT pick up a student’s TEA/VOE
      4. State law prohibits emailing or faxing TEA/VOE forms


Too often, students wait until Thursday afternoon or Friday—and sometimes Saturday—to send an email requesting a TEA/VOE for a drivers license appointment they have the following Monday.  TAMS will NOT meet this timeline, which means a student and parent/guardian must schedule a second appointment with the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Please plan ahead to and respect the time and workload of the TAMS Academics staff.  (NOTE: TEA/VOE forms are good for 30 days from date of issue.)