Alumni & Friends

TAMS is very proud of its more than 5,000 alumni. Our alumni represent the global legacy of the TAMS program, advancing medicine, financial services, law, business, computer science, education, the armed forces and more. While your expertise and interests have taken you all over the world, we know that all TAMSters are bound by a unique set of common experiences. Parking lot tag, Boba tea, wing olympics, visitation, sock wrestling, LAN parties, closed weekends, wing meetings, seminar, and then, of course, the physics, bio and chemistry homework are just a few of the activities still common to the TAMS experience.

We hope the friends you made here continue to have an impact in your lives. To stay connected with each other and TAMS, be sure to join TAMSters Connect, the official social networking platform exclusively for TAMS alumni. Being the proud alumni you are, update your information, send us photos, or submit your bio for our Alumni Spotlights page. We look forward to seeing your stories and connecting with you soon.

With fluctuations in state funding and the cost of education continuously rising, the need for private support is critical. Please review the many opportunities to support TAMS and its students. If you're interested in learning about meaningful giving opportunities or how you can make a positive impact in TAMS, please contact us at 940-891-6903 or give online now. Your generous support is instrumental to paying it forward for the next generation of TAMSters.

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