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Wall of Acheesement Nomination

We'd like to be able to recognize our students and staff in McConnell who are working hard and accomplishing great things, but we don't always know who's doing what! Please help us by nominating your friends, staff members, or even your enemies as a kind gesture of peacemaking. This can be anything from a research award to an artistic accomplishment to someone who is leading well in McConnell Hall. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Any questions feel free to ask the Wall of Acheesement Team:

  • Ambika Kapil - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Janrose Samson - Event Coordinator
  • Melissa Horton- Secretary
  • Rag Reddy - Treasurer
  • Sam Earls - Club Advisor
  • Ben Warren - Email Ben Warren any supporting Pictures if you have them
  • Or contact Project Smile at tamsprojectsmile@gmail.com