Starting New Clubs

Have an idea for a new club?  We make it very easy to try out new ideas within our system. New clubs are allowed to begin operating the following semester after approval is received. This allows the idea to develop and gather traction before an official launch takes place. We have many "independent" clubs that are new and are currently attempting to build momentum.  Here's what you need to do if you have a suggestion for a new club:

  • Email Ben Warren with your club idea and suggested programs.
  • Follow-up with a meeting with Ben Warren to discuss your idea - you can get on his schedule by going to the front desk between 8am and 5pm, M-F.  At this meeeting, Ben can help you explore your ideas and give you suggestions, tools, and resources to help get your club off to the right start.
  • After the meeting, you will need to fill out a New Club Registration form HERE by December 16th for the Spring Semester.