Move In Madness TAMS Class 2023

Thursday, August 25 - 10am to 3pm

This is move-in madness like you've never seen before!  We have many staff and student volunteers ready to make your move-in experience smooth and painless.  In order to take advantage of the system we have for you, you need to follow these move-in procedures.

McConnell Hall - each student is assigned a color based on where they are living in the hall.  Your check-in process will begin at the appropriate color entrance (see list of students and map below).

STEP #1 - Find out your Move-In COLOR. If you don't find your name, email or call the front desk. or 940.565.4955.

STEP #2 - Find out what part of the building you should go to when your first arrive on Thursday.  Your check-in process begins at the spot on the following map that corresponds to your color.  This gets you closer to your room and there will be several staff members there to assist you.

Click here to download a larger, printable pdf file of this map.

STEP #3 - Pull up and a staff member will assist you. The student will be escorted to the room (without their stuff) by a volunteer to get the process started. Hopefully, there will be several eager volunteers there to assist you in unloading your car and moving the belongings up to the room. In order to make this process work - it is important that you clearly mark all boxes and belongings with the student's name and room number.  An adult that drives remains with the car

STEP #4 - Once your car has been unloaded, please pull your car around to the lot located directly across from the front doors on Sycamore. Please do not leave an empty car near the building for that impedes other families from enjoying the beauty of our move-in system and eager volunteers.

STEP #5 - Once inside the building and after moving in, the parents and students can set up the room and then visit the Eagle Student Service Center to attain the student ID.

Move-in Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we move our stuff without first getting the room key?
A: Our staff will take care of that - we will get you into your room to move your stuff before getting your key.

Q: Is it necessary that we go to the right color spot to move-in?
A: If you'd rather move-in all of your stuff by yourself, if you'd rather walk a much longer distance to your room, if you'd rather have no fun on move-in day, then go ahead and pull up to the wrong color.

Q: What happens after move-in - what does the student schedule look like?
A: At 5pm we whisk away the students to begin the orientation process (schedule coming). 4:45pm is the time for parents to say goodbye to your students. We will begin feeding them at this point and have a week full of fun and activities for them.

Q:  Is there an orientation for parents?  What do parents need to be doing?
A:  There is no fall orientation for parents.  Parents will meet their student in the Computer Room (1st floor lobby) to retrieve the key and confirm the directory information.  Other than that  - help with the move in process and be happy.

Q: Can parents spend the night in McConnell Hall on Thursday night?
A: We are not able to house anyone but students in our hall - there are several hotels in the area where you can stay. And remember: 4:45pm is the time to say goodbye!

Q: When is the best time to move-in?
A: Beat the heat and try and get there prior to lunch - everything needs to be moved-in by 3pm.

Q: Anything else prior to 3pm other than moving in?
A: Why YES! You will also need to go to ESSC room 107 to pick up your UNT ID - ask for directions.  Some of you already have your ID and if that is the case, you are ahead of the game. congrats.
     This website gives you instructions on how to submit a photo and what type of photo: 

If you have any other move-in related questions, please contact any of the hall staff @ 940.565.4955 or email Russ Stukel, Director of Student Life at