Gold Cord Guidelines

The pinnacle award at graduation for community service is the Gold Cord Award. This award is reserved for graduating seniors who have exhibited the highest commitment to community service and citizenship during their two years with the TAMS program. Students interested in contending for this exclusive award will have the opportunity to fill out an application presenting their portfolio for why they think they have earned it. Click here for the application – they will be due on April 4, 2021 at 11:59pm. In this application, the student will be asked to demonstrate how it is that they have exhibited the following qualifications and qualities:

  • CONSISTENT RECORD OF SERVICE – at minimum, Gold Cord applicants must have a total of 100 service hours at the time of their application. This record of service should be observable in each semester the applicant was at TAMS.
  • SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO SERVICE – this means the student has gone above and beyond the typical student. This could be a project that the student developed and implemented while at TAMS. This could be a new service initiative the student brought to the TAMS community. This could be a unique idea the student brought to an old problem that had significant impact toward those in need. This could also be being a faithful participant in someone else’s project, yet with an individual impact that is unmatched.
  • RECORD OF LEADERSHIP IN SERVICE – how has the student brought others along in their commitment to community service? How have others at TAMS been improved through your individual commitment to service?
  • REFLECTION OF SERVICE – during the application process, the student will have the chance, through the writing of an essay, to reflect upon the meaning of their service while at TAMS. Anyone can attend events, turn in hours, and check service off their to-do list; the real goal in service is as much about improving oneself as it is about improving the plight of others. Once the applications are distributed, each applicant will have the opportunity to make their case as they see fit – feel free to brainstorm ahead of time for ways that will demonstrate these qualities. Feel free to gather photos, create videos, gather letters of recommendation, collect impactful stories, etc.

The applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of TAMS staff and students. Up to 20 students (but not necessarily that many) may be selected for this award. Gold Cord recipients will receive a Gold Cord to wear at graduation and will be individually recognized during that same ceremony.

If you have any questions about this award, please email Ben Warren or call 940.565.4765.