Community Service Requirements

Students wishing to receive recognition at graduation for National Honor Society, Honors Diploma or Gold Cord should participate, record and report to TAMS the number of community service hours. Each recognition has a certain number of community service hours associated with the award. Each award also has a grade point average and academic standards that must be met in addition to the community service hours; however, this page only addresses the community service hour requirement.

Hours Breakdown:

  TOTAL by April 7 of Senior year Should have by end of Junior year Average hours per semester
National Honors Society 50 25 12.5
Honors Diploma 80 40 20
Gold Cord At least 100 hours plus an additional Gold Cord project
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50 25

***earning enough hours for a "higher" award automatically qualifies you for the awards that require a lesser number of hours. For instance, if you qualify for Gold Cord, you will also automatically qualify for Honors Diploma and National Honor Society.