Club Funding and Budget Process

Advised clubs will have a line item in the Student Activities Budget and can submit one budget request per semester to cover all their needs during that time. Each official club will be required to submit budget requests prior to the beginning of each semester; the deadline for the fall 2023 semester is June 30. Your second semester funding will be contingent on the success and quality of your first semester activities and programming. Go here to submit your budget request for the Fall 2023 semester.

ALL OTHER CLUBS and ANY OTHER INTERESTED INDIVIDUAL will have the ability to request funds for projects, programs, and initiatives out of a pot of money that has been reserved for this purpose. The goal of this is to provide seed money for great new ideas, initiatives, and events.  Interested clubs and individuals need to submit a request for funding form and make a formal presentation to the Assistant Director of Student Life.  Please have your request submitted by Monday, August 28th at 8am, for the Fall 2023 semester (if additional funds are left after the first round of submissions, another request may be submitted for new ideas that are thought of throughout the semester - email Ben to check on the availability of funds).

Most of the purchases made will be made using the purchasing card of a full-time TAMS staff member, likely the Assistant Director of Student Life or one of the Hall Directors. Please follow these procedures and guidelines:

  • To be safe submit your request at least 10 days prior to when you need to make a purchase (all Purchase Requests are due by Monday at noon each week and shopping will not take place until Friday of the same week). Use the online form.
  • Once your request is approved, Ben Warren will notify you about the shopping trip - be prepared to go or send a representative for shopping the Friday of the same week at 3:00 PM.