August Class of 2019 Information

Welcome Class of 2019! - Please pay attention to the latest Incoming Class page for details regarding your introduction to everything TAMS!

What's New?

Move In Day
Move-In Day is Thursday, August 24, 2017 from 10 am - 3 pm. Please check out our Move-In Madness Day Information!

Fall Orientation
Fall Orientation Schedule
Fall Orientation begins immediately following your move-in to McConnell Hall. 

Small Groups
Small groups are now online for you to look over here.

Room Information
Roommate decisions and placement have now been sent to you via email. If you have not received this information, please contact Hall Director Crystal Romero at

Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day weekend is not a closed weekend and student travel will not be permitted without a travel request. Please be sure to input your travel request for your student by the Thursday evening prior to the weekend. Both parent and student MUST input a travel request. 

Frog Night
Frog Night is a traditional TAMS event during the first week here. We pair a group of seniors with a group of juniors for an evening of fun and class connections. 

Other Important Information

Summer Reading
The book titled "Reclaiming Conversations: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age" by Sherry Turkle is your Student Life Summer Read. Please read to page 207 and be prepared to discuss the novel during our Fall Orientation sessions.
Please visit our Facebook Group if you have not already to get started in on the conversation!

Student Success
Being a student in the TAMS class of 2019 indicates you were able to succeed in your previous academic institution. The survey below is for you to share your habits and tendencies with TAMS. Fill it out, be candid and don’t overthink the questions. You will see this survey again after a few weeks in TAMS to compare and contrast your habits from your previous years to your experience in TAMS. Our goal is for all students to succeed maximizing their talents and building in areas that are in need.

Please visit the survey here.

Questions about anything Academic
Contact your counselor -

Summer Orientation Photos
Here are our Summer Orientation Photos taken at the event! Please be courteous and post picture credits when posting online. Specific folders titled by individuals that took the photos are labeled. 

Clubs at TAMS
Please visit our TAMS Club Info page to look into what clubs are currently hosted within the TAMS world. 

Host Family Information
The first closed weekend is September 8-10.

If you are a travelling family and would like to participate with our Host Family program, please fill out this paperwork.
Host Family Application - Students
If you are local and would like to participate in our Host Family program, we have paperwork for you to fill out if you are interested in housing students for closed weekends if they are in need of a home due to long travel outside of the metroplex.
Host Family Guidelines
Host Family Application - Families