Honors College Information

Are TAMS students eligible for Honors credits?

TAMS students can take Honors Biology and have the option to take Honors Chemistry if their placement test score meets the minimum cut score.  Other than these courses, TAMS students are not eligible to take traditional UNT Honors courses.

What is the TAMS to Eagles scholarship?  What is the path for TAMS to Eagles scholar?  Are TAMS to Eagles scholars required to be in the Honors program?

The TAMS to Eagles scholarship is for TAMS students continuing their undergraduate degrees at UNT and, based on their GPA, these students are eligible for a $20,000 scholarship per year for two years.  TAMS students complete the UNT scholarship application and submit a form to the TAMS college advisor in order to become eligible for the scholarship.  TAMS to Eagles scholars are required to be in the Honors College, but the Honors College grants the students twelve hours of Honors credits based on the TAMS experience to make earning an Honors award realistic during the students’ remaining two years.

How do they apply to the Honors College?

TAMS students who matriculate into the TAMS to Eagles program are automatically granted admission to the Honors College.

What are the benefits of TAMS to Eagles scholarships?

First, for students who have begun doing research, the opportunity for continuity of research is a tremendous benefit to TAMS to Eagles students.  Second, all UNT courses count toward a student’s baccalaureate degree, unlike students who transfer to other institutions that may or may not accept any or all of the TAMS-UNT courses.  Third, TAMS to Eagles students can graduate in two years and begin graduate and/or professional school—or enter the work force—in advance of their non-TAMS to Eagles colleagues.

What are the strengths of the Honors College?

Higher education should be a transformative experience, and you should grow as a student and as a person while you are here. The purpose of an Honors education is to prepare you for graduate study, career building, and all the learning pursuits of a lifetime. It is about academic challenges and intellectual growth in a world of opportunity. Ideal candidates for the Honors College are students who love learning and see a world of accomplishment ahead of them as contributing members of society.

Membership in the Honors College has many benefits. Honors students at UNT may take advantage of any of these opportunities at no additional cost.

  1. Specially designed classes to provide a challenging but supportive academic environment;
  2. Training in research methods and skills, and opportunities to present research at undergraduate conferences;
  3. Advising by the Honors academic counselor;
  4. Eligibility to live in Honors Hall or Rawlins Hall, two new residence halls designated for students in the Honors College;
  5. Free tickets to cultural events, including concerts and plays;
  6. Lunches with professors and deans so students can get to know members of the academic community;
  7. Invitations to special Honors events such as the Welcome Back picnic, the Honors Convocation, and all Stress-Free Week events;
  8. Assistance in applying for major scholarships;
  9. Special library privileges; and
  10. Priority registration.

When you graduate, you will be honored at a special reception and receive the Honors College Medallion to keep and wear at commencement. Your UNT transcript will note your involvement in the Honors College and the level of distinction you received.