A Message From the Dean

Being a TAMS student is a unique and formative experience that alumni look back to with warm nostalgic feelings. I find it particularly satisfying to see how TAMSters treasure their memories and love “comparing notes” of their shared experiences across generations. In recent times, one thing that has bonded TAMSters after their two memorable years at the Academy has been annual Pi Day celebrations all over the world. So it was fitting, when we had a call for proposals among TAMS students, that Jeff Wang’s catchy suggestion was adopted as the TAMS alumni newsletter name: “A Slice of Pi.” (Jeff is featured in this first edition).

I hope tidbits of news from TAMS will feel like those nice gatherings and will bring a special sweetness to your day. For those with a greater appetite, you can also enjoy a feast of engagement at our TAMS Annual Reunion in Denton, on June 30th; a local Pi Day celebration with other TAMSters in your area, around March 14; or a visit to TAMS any time of the year – let us know when you are in town, and we’ll do coffee or lunch, and give our students a chance to meet you.

If your classmates have not yet joined TAMS Alumni Connect (https://tamsalumniconnect.com), they may not have received this newsletter – let them know about TAMS Alumni Connect or forward to them the newsletter, so they can sign up to receive it … it’s “as TAMS as apple pi.”

Please enjoy Slice of Pi!
Dean de Oliveira