General Science and Math Pathway

Required Courses for Graduation with the TAMS Diploma

The TAMS General Science and Mathematics curricula allows students to pursue the original TAMS curriculum—Traditional Science—or to explore specific academic fields.  

General Science and Mathematics

The General Science and Mathematics curriculum is the original “TAMS curriculum” and it provides students with a strong foundation in science and math courses most related to preparing for medical and health profession schools.  Students who complete Calculus II or higher the second semester of their first year are not required to complete additional math courses for TAMS, although TAMS encourages these students to complete any pre-med prerequisite math courses during the second year at TAMS.

Students may elect to change pathways ONCE at the end of their first semester but before the first day of class of the second semester.  This excludes the Music track as the College of Music requires a student to audition during the TAMS admissions process.  Changing tracks may require students to complete Summer courses between their first year and second year at TAMS in order to “catch up” with the requirements of the new pathway curriculum.  Students considering a change in pathway MUST meet with their Academic Counselor and MUST receive approval before enrolling in courses for their second semester. 

Fall 1   Spring 1  
BIOL 1711,1761 5 hours BIOL 1722 3 hours
CHEM 1410 (lab) 4 hours CHEM 1420 (lab) 4 hours
ENGL 1315 3 hours ENGL 1325 3 hours
MATH 1650 or 1710 5/4 hours MATH 1710 (or higher) 4/3 hours
Seminar   Seminar  
Total 16-17 hrs Total 13-14 hrs
Fall 2   Spring 2  
PHYS 1710 (lab) 4 hours PHYS 2220 (lab) 4 hours
*ENGL 2331 or
ENGL 2321/2326/2341/2351
3 hours *ENGL 2331 or
ENGL 2321/2326/2341/2351
3 hours
HIST 2610/2620 3 hours HIST 2610/2620 3 hours
MATH 1720 (or higher) 3 hours PSCI 2305/2306 3 hours
Seminar   Seminar  
Total 13 hrs Total 13 hrs

*Students who do not take ENGL 2331 in Fall 2 must take ENGL 2331 in Spring 2.

Generally, TAMS students who maintain at least a 3.2 GPA are able to take electives after their first semester, provided that their course load does not exceed 19 hours.