Denton Community Seeking Tutoring

We are currently not taking any new requests for Spring 2024.

Welcome to the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, the nation's first early college entrance residential program for high achieving high school age students.  Mentored by faculty at the University of North Texas, TAMS students tackle complex, real-world problems, working on solutions and breathroughs in the fields ranging from healthcare to energy consumption.  TAMS serves as an important pipeline for STEM education, nurturing the next generation of innovators.  Within our community of scholars is the compulsion to help others.  Students in TAMS are skilled in many subjects and can be helpful to your student who might need a boost or encouragement in a particular subject.  Fill out the information below if you are interested in having your student or students partner with a TAMS student. 

TAMS students are typically in class during the traditional school times (8a-2p) and are available in the afternoon and evening hours.  Saturday is an option as well however Sunday is not.  Tutoring sessions last approximately 1 hour and only occur on the University of North Texas campus.  In the sign up sheet below - windows of availability are sought but as a reminder the sessions will typically last only 60 minutes. 

All new requests are processed weekly on Sundays.