Cost Estimate for TAMS


What will TAMS cost? It Depends

Student’s choices cause variations in the cost of the program per student. Some of the choices include:

  • Track/elective courses
  • Meal plans
  • Activities/ Personal needs
  • Transportation needs

Costs also depend on the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) as assessed by the FAFSA, a family’s EFC value can be found on the Student Aid Report (SAR), FAFSA provides after completion.

Estimated Cost Estimates and Charges

FAFSA completion is required to be eligible for any TAMS Scholarship. See Financial Aid section for more details about FAFSA. 

Associated Costs:

Charges Broken down by Due Date and Semester:

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Tuition and Tuition Related Fees
(due Aug week before classes start)
*Exact amounts established after classes enrolled Tuition and Tuitions Related Fees
(due Jan week before classes start)
*Exact amounts established after classes enrolled
Oct - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost Feb - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost
Mid Oct - Prog Charge & SL fee $2,600 ($400 is due at time of acceptance) Mar - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost
Nov - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost Apr - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost
Dec - 1 Room and Board Payment 1/6 of total year cost    


Estimated Yearly Costs for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Tuition and Fees* $14,000
Room & Board**  
Room & Board Housing - McConnell Hall Fall & Spring $6,140
Room & Board Dining - 7 Day Basic Flex (5-day option available) $4,138
TAMS Program Charge $400 due upon return of intent letter $2,500
Student Activities Charges  $100
Total Estimated Yearly Costs Before Scholarship $26,878

*Estimates are based on a 17-hour class load fall & spring. Each student can calculate a more personalized tuition/fee estimate using the tuition and fees estimator at the following link:

**Estimate: For a more accurate individual amount please go to housing rates to see McConnell Hall’s rate and choices of food plans

Scholarships and Books:

  1. Books: TAMS supplies textbooks and/or course materials for core STEM courses and provides support for most materials in the form of direct provision of materials in physical or electronic versions.
  2. TAMS Student Scholarship based on EFC as assessed by the FAFSA. The TAMS scholarship amount will not decrease for the duration of both years. Every student who completes the FAFSA will receive a TAMS Student Scholarship.
  3. TAMS Supplemental Scholarship -TAMS provides a supplemental scholarship to cover for “unmet need”. You must complete the FAFSA to be considered for a supplemental TAMS scholarship and other forms of financial aid. If you qualify, an email will be sent to student and parent. Awards are disbursed separately for the fall and spring semesters. A good estimate of what TAMS could cost a student who qualifies for unmet need would be the EFC (Expected Family Contribution), this information is provided on the Student Aid Report upon completion of the FAFSA.

Estimated Costs with Scholarship for 2022- 2023 (Class of 2023 and 2024)

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from FAFSA Amount of TAMS Student Scholarship for Year Estimated Total Yearly Cost for TAMS Fall Semester Estimated Costs Spring Semester Estimated Costs
No FAFSA Submitted $0 $26,878 $14,739 $12,139
EFC > $40,000 $7,500* ($3,750 a semester) $19,378 $10,989 $8,389
EFC < $40,000 $11,500* ($5,750 a semester) $15,378 $8,989 $6,389
EFC < $15,378 $11,500 + TAMS Supplemental Scholarship EFC (The cost to the student may be as little as $0) Depends on EFC can be as little as $0 Depends on EFC can be as little as $0


*TAMS Student Scholarship amounts will not decrease for both years from amount promised to entering class, but the amount awarded to a student is determined each year be EFC value for that year.

Charges Breakdown

Room and Board (Housing)

The TAMS Dean's Office should always be your first point of contact if you have any Housing questions. Please contact Cortney Watson at 940.565.2437 or

Students must fill out a Housing application online each year at the Housing site.

First-year students may begin filling out their Housing Application after they have been admitted to TAMS. TAMS Admissions will notify them and send their "EUID." On "e-housing," click on "Create my Account"" in the green column on the left.

Second-year (returning students to TAMS) may begin their Housing Application in January for the following year (For example, January 2022 for Fall 2022/Spring 2023). In "e-housing," click on "Apply Now" in the green column on the left. The application must be filled out before room assignments are made in the summer.

Prepayment of $400 is due within ten days of completion of the application (no later than July 1, 2022). $350 will go towards the first room and board payment in the fall and the remaining $50 is an administrative processing fee for Housing and is non-refundable. Otherwise a new application will have to be completed.

Applications should be complete before room assignments can be made.

Housing does not send out reminders for payments due. Students are expected to pay online and on time. Please mark your calendar.

Housing payments can be made by logging into the student's account at

Housing will send any balances at the end of each semester to student accounting which will block student records. If the balance is sent to student accounting for collection it will no longer show on the housing web site and will need to be paid at

Housing will post the Fall 2022 charges a few weeks before school begins in the fall semester (August), and the Spring 2023 charges a few weeks before school begins in the spring semester (January).

For current housing rate information please see the UNT rate guide.

Program Charge (non-refundable)

The program charge is to help cover additional costs due to the unique needs and services in the TAMS program. The current charge is $2500 annually, the amount will remain unchanged for both years in TAMS. $400 is due upon return of intent letter and the remaining $2100 payment is due after the semester begins each year.

Student Activities Charge

Each student is required to pay a charge of $100 per year. This accumulation of charges is used for the funding of all the organizations and activities sponsored by Student Activities. For example: portions of the charge are used to subsidize fall and spring orientation, Family Weekend, Prom and After Prom, Rose cutting and Student Life Awards, weekend trips, student conferences and the countless number of activities.

Refunds - MyUNT

Select refund method in student account at MyUNT

Financial Aid

Each student must fill out a FAFSA to be considered for Federal, State, and Local grants and scholarships. The FAFSA must be filled out each year. The best time to apply is in the fall (one year ahead) before the student comes to attend TAMS (ex. October 2021 to attend fall 2022).  The FAFSA will be available as early as October 1st annually.  UNT’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS) sends an automated email to any prospective students and families who submit a FAFSA with UNT listed as the destination institution.  The information included in the communique is only relevant if the student is admitted to the TAMS program and enrolls in courses.  The FAFSA message to students and families does NOT indicate or imply that a student has been admitted to TAMS.

FAFSA Website:

It takes about 2 - 3 months to process, so you need to fill out the application ASAP.

The Federal Processing Center will send your information electronically to UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS) and a file will be created. After acceptance in TAMS, you will be able to check the student's file at It will let you know where you are in processing, what step to take next, and accept the awards once they are awarded.

UNT Financial Aid Website:

FAFSA is the only external form that UNT uses to consider students for all Federal, State and Local grants. TAMS will also consider the student for the TAMS Supplemental Scholarship from the FAFSA. If the student still needs funds at that point then they can be considered for Student/Parent Loans.

Students are invited to attend TAMS because of their academic status and receive Tuition and Fees Scholarships each year.

Students who conduct research may be considered for Research Scholarships during the summer.

Finding outside sources for Scholarships & Grants

Locating scholarships can be tricky if you don't know where to look. Here are a few places to start searching:

  • Ask businesses, professional groups, radio stations, rotary clubs, etc., in your own community. You might find a small company with a scholarship that's gone unawarded for years.
  • Tell family, friends, co-workers, parents’ employers, teachers, and neighbors that you're looking for scholarships - and that no scholarship is too small. Someone might come back with a little-known award through his or her employer or some other avenue that you never would have known about otherwise.
  • UNT financial aid for General Academic Scholarship (note deadline on website).


Bookstores and libraries have many scholarship directories available. The reference section of your local library can be helpful finding these resources.

  • How to Go to College Almost for Free, by Ben Kaplan
  • The Scholarship Book
  • Peterson College Money Handbook
  • Grants Register

You may be able to find these at the Willis Library (UNT Campus) or at your local library.


Search the web for "scholarship search engines" and you'll find many great sites. Your student can input scholarship criteria, and the engine will come up with applicable scholarships.

Here are a few you can try:

Warning: No reputable organization or website will ever ask you to pay for providing scholarship information. Do not pay a person or website to hunt for you. Chances are you won't get enough funding to pay for their fees, let alone to pay for school.

UNT Cost of Attendance and TAMS Estimates

UNT will provide a COA (Cost of Attendance) and estimate of a cost to the student. The UNT COA often does not reflect all of the TAMS related financial aid until mid-August. It also includes estimates for charges which will not be charged to the student by UNT. The TAMS estimate here is a more accurate estimate for a student’s family.

Contact Admissions: