College Admissions Calendar

College Advising Deadlines for TAMS Class of 2021 

The dates below are FINAL DEADLINES (early completion is recommended).


February 10

First Year Seminar about College Applications.

February 21

Ask a friend at TAMS or from home to complete and return the Peer Reference via e-mail.

February 28

Advising Worksheets for Fall Schedules due.

March 2

I Statement / X-Factor Assignment due.

March 22

Ask a parent or guardian to complete and return the Parent Assessment via e-mail.

March 23

Peer Reference due.

March 28-31

Ms. Vann out at TACAC.

April 3

Request official copies of transcript from previous school to be sent to Ms. Vann – 5 if paper, 1 if electronic via Parchment.  TAMS DOES NOT USE TREx.

April 27

Personal Information Summary due.

May 8

Graduation for TAMS Class of 2020.  All textbooks must be returned for spring semester.

May 25

Parent Assessment Due.  Check to see if transcripts have been received by Ms. Vann.  If not, request from school again.

June 15

First draft of Apply Texas essay should be complete. 

June 29

First draft of resume / expanded resume should be complete.

July 1

Common Application rolls over for new cycle.

July 9

Registration for Common Application account and Apply Texas account should be complete.

July 10

First draft of Common Application Essay should be complete.

August 3

Firm list of College Applications with ED/EA choice should be set.  Some changes can be made, but this should be mostly done by this point.


Move in to McConnell Hall.

August 24

First day of classes.

August 28

Must pick-up texts or make requests for book purchase.

August 31

Get 5 copies of official transcripts from UNT Registrar and deliver to TAMS office – deadline.  Do earlier if possible.

September 11

Must request SSR for QuestBridge if participating.

October 1

Must submit Texas A&M application to meet Engineering deadline.

October 1

Visit the UNT Eagle Scholarship Portal to apply for UNT scholarships (including TAMS to Eagles).

October 2

If applying ED/EA via Common Application, you MUST have registered and listed me as your counselor through the FERPA/Recommenders page.

October 6

Complete National Merit application if participating.

October 15

MUST HAVE ED/EA set in Common Application so I can sign ED forms.

October 19

Must submit requests for SSR or transcript for Early Decision/Early Action or Nov 1 deadlines.

October 20

Must submit Apply Texas to UT Austin for Priority Application deadline.

October 30

Must submit Action Requests for SSR/transcript due at school for Nov. 15.

November 13

Must submit all remaining requests for UT, TAMU, University of Houston, University of Texas at Dallas for December 1 deadline.

November  16

Must submit ApplyTexas to UT Austin, Texas A&M, U of Houston, and UTD if not already submitted.

December 1

Must submit all remaining SSR/transcript requests for regular decision applications due to school by Jan 1 – 15.

December 11

Return textbooks not needed for spring.


Carefully review any scholarship deadlines and submit requests where applicable.

January 5

Notify Ms. Vann of any grade appeals, grade changes anticipated.

January 11

First Day of classes.

January 19

Get 2 official transcripts from UNT Registrar’s Office and bring to TAMS Office.

January 19

Must pick up or request all textbooks by this date.


Notify Ms. Vann of any missing documents.

February 28

Deadline to submit to UNT Eagle Scholarship Portal.

Dates subject to change pending new information.

Green – Things you have to ask other people to help you with.

Blue – Things that do not have to be turned in, but should be done if you want me to review or make editing suggestions.

Red – Deadlines requiring special note, not necessarily due to the TAMS office..