Class of 2024 Summer Orientation


Welcome, Class of 2024 to the Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science Summer Orientation! Keep your eye on this site for all the latest information from now until the time you move-in during the month of August.

Summer Orientation Basics
TAMS Summer Orientation is for students and parents. If you have been selected for TAMS, as a student you are required to attend. Summer Orientation takes place on June 3 and 4 on the University of North Texas campus. Make plans to join us at 6:00 p.m. on June 3 and we'll keep you busy until about 5:30 p.m. on June 4.

  • Registration – review your Summer Orientation registration here.
  • Changes – If you have paperwork missing or need to alter your registration, please contact us to unlock your account at 940-565-4536. Please keep in mind that NO REFUNDS will be given after 5pm on May 22. A late registration fee of $10 will be applied to each change after this time.
  • Meals – there will be NO evening meals on Friday or Saturday, so please plan accordingly. Visit to find some great local spots.
  • Check-in – Check-in will be at McConnell Hall, 1705 W. Sycamore St., Denton, TX 76201 for both students and parents. After checking in at McConnell, parents that selected Option A and are staying on campus, will go to Honors Hall, 1716 Eagle Drive, Denton, TX 76201.
  • Directions – follow the below directions to Lot 7 in front of McConnell Hall, 1705 W. Sycamore St., Denton, TX 76201.
  • Parking – Please park in Lot 7 during the registration process right across from McConnell Hall. Once you have registered, you will be issued a parking permit for overnight stay on campus for those that will be staying with us. This permit must be displayed on your car dashboard at all times. Parents staying overnight in Honors hall should proceed to move their car to Lot 23 across the street from Honors Hall where they will be staying. For those that are not staying, please park in Lot 7 both Friday and Saturday in order to not pay a fee for parking at Summer Orientation. A copy of the UNT Campus Map is located here. 
  • Getting around campus – using your smart phone, you can download the campus Mobile App and use the Map feature. The app information is available here or on the app store. 

Paperwork and Reading Material
Please fill out or read the following before Summer Orientation:

What to Bring to Orientation
Below is a list of items that you should consider bringing to Summer Orientation. 

  • Students - Pillow, bed linens or sleeping bag, towel, and shower items. (On campus Parents – Honors Hall will not have linens so be thinking also about bringing bed sheets, blanket, pillow/bath mat/towel/hand towel, etc.)
  • Casual summer attire (Think outdoor active wear — it will probably be hot outside & possibly cool inside! Flip Flops not recommended.)
  • Sweater or Indoor cover-up (those who tend to chill easily may want to bring extra coverage for indoor sessions)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (Sessions will be in buildings all over campus for students, parents not too much.)
  • Shower shoes (for use in community bath)
  • Umbrella and sunscreen (It’s Texas, you never know!)
  • Pen and notebook
  • Students will need writing devices for various sessions.
  • Cash, credit card, and/or Checkbook to pay for various things.
  • If interested in financial aid information – fill out the FAFSA form as soon as possible. Please contact Cortney Watson in the Dean’s office, 940.565.2437, for any related questions.

You will receive a detailed schedule upon arrival, but here are the basics to give you a sense of what you will be doing at Summer Orientation. 



6:00pm - Check-In at McConnell Hall
[parents staying on campus will then check-in at Honors Hall]

7:00pm - Welcome to TAMS - Union Lyceum

7:30pm - 8:30pm - Academics

8:45 pm - 9:30pm - Parent Regional Breakout Sessions

6:00pm - Check-In at McConnell Hall

7:00pm - Welcome to TAMS  Lyceum then ESSC 255

8:15pm - Small Groups, Roommate Rumble, REC Center Fun

11:00pm - Room checks and Wing Meeting

11:30pm - Lights out

*parents staying on campus check out prior to 1st session


7:30 am - Breakfast in Bruce Hall for the on campus parents

8:30am - 10:00am - Student Life Parent Session

10:00am - 10:15am - Financial Aid Meet Cortney Watson

10:20am – 11:30am Parent Sessions Union 333 rooms

11:30am - 12:20p - Lunch in the Union

7:00am - Breakfast in Bruce Hall

8:30am - 10:00 Academic welcome & basics Sage Hall

10:00am - Student Sessions Sage Hall

11:30am - Lunch @ Bruce Cafe


12:30pm - 4:30pm Business Leadership Building - Student and Parent Choose Your Own Breakout Sessions

(These sessions can be done together or separately depending on which topics most interest you and your family.)

4:30pm - 5:30 pm -  Move-In and Nuts & Bolts - Union Lyceum

5:30pm - Checkout Student at McConnell Hall and go home!