Application Process

  1. Complete and submit your residency questionnaire (RQ).  Complete this document first as Application Profiles will not be reviewed until this has been received and approved by UNT Admissions.  (Be sure to include any required documents).  Upload the residency questionnaire and any required documentsDO NOT SUBMIT your TAMS Application Profile until you have submitted the RQ.
  2. Complete the TAMS Application Profile.  Applicants should highlight any and all achievements and/or activities that demonstrate the applicant’s well-roundedness as a student but also as a citizen of the world.  Please note: If scheduled to take the SAT/ACT, please denote scheduled date within Application Profile. DO NOT CONTINUE with the steps below until you have completed and submitted your RQ and TAMS Application Profile.

                                                                                DO NOT PROCEED until STEPS 1 and 2 are completed.
  3. Supporting Documents and Materials
    1. SAT and ACT Scores
      • Applicants using SAT scores—math and verbal sections only—must request that College Board send an official score report to the University of North Texas.  Use 6481 as the school code.
      • Applicants using ACT scores—composite and sub-section—must request that ACT send an official score report to the University of North Texas.  Use 4136 as the school code. (Note: It is recommended that students following the MUS, CVAD and Media Arts tracks take the ACT rather than the SAT).
      • TAMS will consider SAT and/or ACT scores from 9th or 10th grades (or 11th grade if applying as a rising senior). TAMS does not require the essay or writing portion of either the SAT or ACT.
      • Once registered for the exam move to the next step.
    2. Supporting Documents
      • Submit all supporting documents, including report cards for 7th and 8th grades, an unofficial transcript for 9th grade, and a report card showing at least one grading period in current year of school of 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.  
      • Applicants can also submit supplemental materials that reflect non-academic pursuits and/or achievements so that TAMS officials can analyze an applicant’s well-roundedness even further. These supplemental materials should be sent in .PDF format to Examples of this can be kudos, achievements in competitions, awards earned, etc. 
    3. Teacher Evaluation Request Form
      • Submit your Teacher Evaluation Request Form. All applicants are advised to submit their teacher evaluation request form AFTER receiving their 1st Report Card (not Progress Report) for the current year. Please ensure you have selected your current year teachers for evaluation. TAMS will contact the teachers you provide on your behalf. The teacher evaluations needed include the following:
        • English Teacher
        • Math Teacher
        • Science Teacher (must be biology, chemistry, or physics teacher)
        • Art/Music/Yearbook/Journalism Teacher - Visual Arts & Design, Media Arts, or Music applicants must choose one of the teachers listed. All others applicants may choose any teacher as the fourth.
        • Counselor to verify enrollment and good standing

Music Track applicants must:

  • Complete the TAMS Application Profile checklist described above.
  • Apply to the UNT College of Music through the Acceptd arts network platform, including an audition.
  • Submit all requirements by January 8, 2022.

Your Status Page will indicate whether your file is complete.  A complete file contains:

  1. Residency Questionnaire
  2. TAMS Application Profile
  3. Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  4. Grades reports and transcripts
  5. Materials of a non-academic nature that demonstrate the applicant’s well-roundedness.
  6. Teacher and Counselorevaluations.

Only complete files are reviewed by TAMS Admissions to determine whether or not an applicant qualifies to take a proctored Algebra exam covering Algebra I and II.  If an applicant is invited to take this exam, the scores on the exam will then be added to the applicant’s file, after which the Admissions team will determine if an applicant is invited for an interview.

Practice Algebra I and II skills prior to receiving sample tests: Math Practice Exam


All parts of an applicant’s file are important in TAMS’s decision to invite a candidate for an interview.  Grades and test scores are important, but TAMS also wants applicants who are well-rounded and who have participated in a variety of activities, including but not limited to volunteering, playing an instrument, artistic talent, or non-school related activities.  TAMS conducts several “Interview” opportunities starting in November, and TAMS encourages applicants to notice the “priority” application dates.

Interview Days (Please consult the TAMS calendar)

All dates are being considered at this time. Please check back for updates.

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and are based on a holistic review process*. You should plan ahead and apply early.

NOTE: All music students must submit an application with the College of Music by January 8, 2022 to be considered for UNT’s College of Music cycle.

*Selection considers traditional academic measures along with a broad range of experiences and attributes.