Alumni Spotlights

Jeffrey Wang

Jeffrey Wang currently resides in McKinney, Texas, but he will soon be moving to Austin in the fall where he will be attending the University of Texas and majoring in... Full story

Harshitha Ramesh

Harshitha Ramesh lives in Sunnyvale, California where she is a Customer Success Engineer for ThoughtSpot. After completing the TAMS program in 2011, Ramesh earned a B.S. in... Full story

Jared Giles Cocke

Jared Giles Cocke lives in Berlin, Germany where he attends Humboldt University as a Ph.D. student. Upon completing the TAMS program in 2006, Cocke earned a B.S. in Chemical... Full story

Kathryn Huff

Kathryn Huff, Ph.D. lives in Urbana, Illinois where she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois... Full story

Nisa Morey

Nisa Satumtira Morey, Ph.D. lives in San Luis Obispo, California where she is a Lecturer of Chemistry at California Polytechnic State University. After completing the TAMS program... Full story