TAMS Credits Transfer

The following points summarize the transfer of TAMS credit to other universities. Find details under Academic Counseling here.

TAMS Purpose

  • TAMS was designed to accelerate students through the Texas university system. Students withdraw from high school and enter UNT early.
  • TAMS students generate official college transcripts by taking bona fide college courses, not simply college-equivalent, or college-level courses. The same teaching faculty who instruct UNT students also teach TAMS students.
  • Although TAMS graduates are regularly admitted to elite colleges, TAMS was not designed as an Ivy League conduit.

Texas Public Universities

  • By state law, Texas public universities (e.g., UT, A&M, Texas Tech, and others) must accept TAMS/UNT credit.
  • Depending on your major, credit may or may not specifically apply toward your degree plan. Note it is the credit, not the grade point average (GPA), which transfers.
  • Contact counselors at your university of choice to determine whether your TAMS/UNT credit fulfills requirements for your planned degree.

Texas Private Universities

  • Private Texas universities such as Rice, Baylor, and Austin College vary in credit acceptance.
  • Even if the private university does not accept credit, students may request advanced standing to avoid repeating courses.
  • Credit is often transferred on an individual basis depending on classes completed at the previous high school.

Out-of-State Public Universities

  • Out-of-state public universities (e.g., UC Berkeley) generally accept most or all TAMS/UNT credit.
  • The credit may or may not fulfill some degree requirements.

Out-of-State Private Universities

  • Out-of-state private universities vary considerably. Ivy League schools tend not to accept large volumes of credit from any source, including AB and IB credits. Hence, expect to pay 4 years’ tuition at most Ivy League schools.
  • Some schools will accept a maximum 12 credit hours. Others will accept only transfer credit for elective courses not required for graduation. Still others will not accept credit at all.
  • Contact the admissions office at the school in question for details. Request a counselor with familiarity or experience with TAMS or other Texas schools.