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Apply to the 2014 entering class online by following the link above.  Submit by December 14, 2013 (Early Decision) or February 15, 2014.

Evaluations from three 9th or 10th grade teachers (math, science, and English) and from a counselor or principal are required. All evaluation forms are available by following the Apply Online link above. Submit your report cards from grades 7 – 10. Because students apply as sophomores, tenth grade reports will be incomplete.

Documents may be submitted either separately or together. Ensure that all required items are received by the TAMS Admissions Office by calling 1-800-241-TAMS (8267).

Teacher Evaluation Letters

Watch deadlines, and allow teachers at least 2 weeks to compose evaluations, which they may either fax or mail.   With well over 36,000 university students on this campus, the mail volume is high. As a contingency against lost mail or corrupted faxes, ask teachers to retain a photocopy of your evaluations until the end of the application cycle. Please extend to teachers and counselors the courtesy of two weeks to submit evaluations. An expression of appreciation also would be appropriate.

Interview Day

Candidates are interviewed before admission, and by invitation only. The Director of Admissions, Dr. Brent M. Jones, selects applicants for campus interviews.  Non-academic questions will be explored in a non-threatening environment, as interviewers will have no access to grades, SATs, or other qualifications. Students will also take algebra diagnostic tests on Interview Day.  Sample algebra questions, plus answer key, will be provided in advance to those invited to interview.

Timing of Applications

Interview Day assignments are based on the time qualified applications are received.  Applications peak at deadlines, at which time processing is slowed proportionally.

Processing and Evaluation

Files are processed by the admissions administrative coordinator and student assistants. Dr. Jones then evaluates files holistically, rather than by assigning pre-determined weights to file elements. A Selection Committee of academics and professionals makes admissions decisions with input from the Dean, Department Directors (Admissions, Academics, Student Life, and Counseling & Research) and their staffs.


Laura Beauchamp
Applications Processing
1-800-241-TAMS (8267)


Financial Aid

To cover housing expenses, academy students may be eligible for federal and state grants and loans. Approximately 30% of academy students receive financial assistance in addition to the TAMS scholarship (tuition, fees, and books), which is awarded to all academy students. Applicants seeking financial assistance may encounter three different forms -- FAFSA, SAR, and an Eligibility Notice, described below.

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    Parents of students invited to interview are urged to complete a FAFSA as soon as possible. This form is included as part of each applicant's interview packet or can be obtained through your high school counselor's office. You can also apply through FAFSA On The Web. From the information submitted, the U.S. Department of Education will determine the expected family contribution for room, board, and related expenses.

    Do not check "yes" on the item asking if you require a student loan, since that amount could be deducted from your grant aid package. If you need a loan after receiving your Eligibility Notice (which reflects all federal and state awards and any unmet need), apply in writing at that time through the UNT Financial Aid Office.

  • Student Aid Report (SAR)
    Following submission of the FAFSA, the Department of Education will produce a SAR, which reflects the student's eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant. Your SAR is sent to the UNT Financial Aid Office at the same time you are sent your copy. Your SAR may state that you need to add or correct information on the form. If so, make corrections then resubmit so your awards (if eligible) can be processed.
  • Eligibility Notice
    The methodology for calculating state grants is determined by the cost of education at UNT minus the family contribution, Federal Pell Grant (if awarded), and the TAMS scholarship for tuition, fees, and books. This amount is known as "unmet need."

An Eligibility Notice from UNT announcing the aid package will then be issued. If there is an "unmet need," the academy has funds (depending on the level of funding from the Texas Legislature) to award room and board scholarships to cover a percentage of this amount.

Questions? Contact the UNT Financial Aid Office regarding FAFSA, SAR, or loans. For questions about "unmet need," call Rose Preston at (940) 565-2437.



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