1. Must be a Texas resident. *

  2. Must be a high school sophomore. In rare cases, competitive ninth-graders may be considered, but sophomores retain priority.

  3. Submit sophomore scores from the redesigned (new) SAT comprising math and verbal sections. The essay portion is optional and if submitted will be considered. If taking multiple SATs, the highest M+V score from a single administration will count. Designate SAT code 6481 for UNT receipt (only official scores, submitted from College Board will be considered).

    Scores from the old SAT (three 800-point sections) will be accepted only if taken within calendar 2016.

    Observe the College Board registration and test dates. Any SAT taken after November 5th, 2016 (early decision) or January 21, 2017 (regular decision) will not meet our deadlines. Applications without official SAT scores will not be considered.

    Since the highest score counts, consider testing early enough that even scores from a retest would meet our final deadline.

  4. Evaluations from 9th or 10th grade math, science, and English teachers, and from a counselor or principal are required on provided forms. As a courtesy, request evaluations two weeks in advance, and convey your appreciation.

  5. Transcripts (report cards / grade reports / course records) are required for grades 7 through 10. Tenth grade transcripts will necessarily be incomplete.

  6. Arrange to complete Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II by the end of the sophomore year. At least one official Algebra II grade report must be submitted with the application.


Selected applicants will be invited for interviews. Admission favors applicants whose grades, scores, and evaluations suggest students are thriving in rigorous sophomore or higher level math and science classes and extracurricular activities. The availability of school options is taken into consideration.

Although no predetermined score has been established to qualify for an interview, the likelihood of being invited increases or decreases as follows:

Save a copy of your completed application and documents.  Institutional copies are not saved indefinitely.

* For non-US citizens, TAMS requires green cards and Texas residency status. Residency is based upon the parent or court appointed legal guardian.  Non-US citizens must provide copies of their Permanent Resident (green) cards.  Applicants who have applied for Permanent Residency may furnish copies of the i-797 Notice of Action reflecting application for the parent and TAMS applicant.  Some parents and applicants with select visa types may also be eligible for Texas Residency.