How to Apply

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Your application requires:

  • All documents must be submitted as attachments in .pdf format.
  • Your school’s CEEB code obtained from your counselor. (This 6-digit school ID is assigned by the College Entrance Examination Board).
  • Your Education Service Center number.
  • Names and district numbers of your state (not U.S.) Senator and Representative. Call your county voter registration office or contact Who Represents Me?
  • Transcripts (report cards/grade reports/course records) are required for grades 7 through 10. Tenth grade transcripts will necessarily be incomplete.  Grades and transcripts must be submitted to TAMS Admissions, they should NOT be submitted to UNT.
  • Submit sophomore scores from the redesigned (new) SAT comprising math and verbal sections. Only official scores subitted from College Board will be considered (designate SAT code 6481 for UNT receipt).  See Eligibility for SAT details.
  • Download forms:
    1. Student and Parents should submit the Waiver of Access first as applications without Waivers of Access will not be reviewed.  Your Status Page will indicate whether your waiver was received. Once receipt is confirmed, ask teachers to complete the evaluation corresponding to your access declaration (i.e. Waived or Not Waived).  Evaluations that do not match the student/parent waiver election will not be considered.
    2. Teacher Evaluation Forms (use the "Submit" button on the form only if you use Outlook as your mail client, otherwise save the form and attach it in an email to
    3. Residency Questionnaire

Submit your completed application before submitting supporting documents, which may be sent separately (preferred) or bundled. Orphaned documents - those submitted prior to applications - will delay processing.

Confirm that items have been received on your Status Page. Since applications peak at deadlines, allow 1-3 days for postings during high volume periods.

Apply:  Online Application

Submit completed application and supporting documents for early- or regular decision by, respectively, December 10, 2016 or February 25, 2017 either by email or postal mail:

Financial Aid

Almost a third of academy students receive financial assistance to cover housing expenses.

Details: Financial Aid

Another unsolicited letter:

"TAMS was a wonderful experience for our daughter. Frankly, I don't know what we would have done without it. Early admission to UT Austin would not have been an equal alternative. Emily is very successful and happy at Stanford University."


Applications Processing

Applications are processed by the administrative coordinator who collates transcripts, scores, references, and other required documents into individual application files.

The admissions director then evaluates applications holistically. Applications deemed competitive will be sent to the selection committee.

The selection committee is comprised of professionals, academics, alumni, and alumni parents who make admission recommendations with input from TAMS departments, staffs, and assistants. The director will then extend official admission offers.


Admissions Office

Dr. Brent M. Jones
Director of Admissions
Assistant Dean

Mrs. Laura Beauchamp
Administrative Coordinator
Applications Processing
1-800-241-TAMS (8267)


* What is the Clery Act and how do I view annual reports about campus safety?