TAMS Graduation 2021

  • Aaronson, Braiden

    HOPE, Vice President

    TAMS Senior Mentor

  • Abraham, Andrew

    Forty Acres Semifinalist

    UNT Presidents LIst

  • Adikehithilu, Vinamra

    2019 Congressional App Challenge District TX30, 1st Place

  • Agarwal, Aryan

    TAMS Robotics Design Chairperson

    Created analysis and visualization program for research

  • Ajit, Angeline

    Project Sunshine, Committee Chairperson

    Biophysics Lab with Dr. Arup Neogi, Research Assistant

  • Allen, Jordan

    NASA High School Aerospace Scholar

  • Ambani, Karina

    TAMS Academic Society, President

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

  • Anand, Sanjna

    Girl Scout Gold Award

  • Anand, Shakti

    Future Health Professionals (HOSA) State Medical Math, 2nd Place

    Mu Alpha Theta, Treasurer and Secretary

  • Anil, Bettina

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

    Decision Sciences Institute Dotoral Conference, Presenter

  • Atluri, Aiswarya

    TAMS Academic Society Calculus I & II, Committee Chairperson

    TAMS Little Leaps HOPE, Committee Co-Founder

  • Auzenne, Joaquin

    Crossley Lam Animal Care Volunteer and Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Artificial Intelligence Society; Outreach Coordinator

  • TAMS Summer Research Scholar

    Denton County India Culture Association Collegiate Competition Qualifier

  • Bajpai, Suvaacha

    TAMS Ambassadors Spend-A-Day, Coordinator

    Student Council, Secretary

  • Balasubramaniam, Jalini

    Ballot, Director of Logistics

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Gold Recipient

  • Banerjee, Dave

    National DECA Innovation Challenge, 3rd Place

    Julian C. Stanley Award for Mathematical Aptitude

  • Baweja, Yuvraj

    Chapter Author, "Building Trust in AI," in Bridging Human and Artificial Intlligence by Dr. Mark V. Albert

    TAMS Academic Society Computer Science, Chairperson

  • Bell, Addie

    VIBE, Vice President

    TAMS Alumni Association Award

  • Brown, Nathaniel

    Successfully completed several obscure English classes

    Partially ameliorated unrectified pedagogical uncertanties through autodiadactic discipline

  • Cairns, Leah

    Launched Suborbital Payload into Space with NASA Cubes

    Girl Scout Astronomy Club, Chapter Founder

  • Castro, David

    TAMS Volleyball, Co-Captain

  • UNT President's List, 4 semesters

    Published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

  • Chen, Maximus

    Member of Dr. Wang's Porphyrin Synthesis Group

  • Chen, Qianyu

    Project Smile, President

    Texas Visual Arts Scholastic Event State Qualifier, 2 years

  • Chesky, Lilia

    Dull Roar, Club President

    National Spanish Exam Gold Medalist

  • Girl Up North Texas Coalition, Co-Leader

    UNT Student Government Association, TAMS Senator

  • Choi, Peter

    2017 North American Fencing Cup Men's Foil, Bronze Medalist

    National Merit Finalist

  • Chowdary, Varun

    Business Lab with Dr. Christopher Penny, Research Assistant

    TAMS Business Organization, Executive

  • Chuong, Jeffrey

    USABO Semifinalist

    Biomedical Engineering Lab of Dr. Brian Meckes, Research Assistant

  • Copling, Sage

    Published Biophysics paper in process on the future of cancer treatment using statistical analysis

    TAMS Flag Football, Captain

  • Deva, Yashvini

    Ballot, President

    TAMS Student Council, President

  • Eddula, Shrika

    Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist

    Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Recipient

  • Eluir, Venkata Sivarama Pardhasa

    Food for Thought, Committee Chairperson

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

  • Published review to Journal of Clinical Medicine

    USABO Semifinalist

  • Guan, Amy

    Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalist

    HOPE Social Coordinator and Senior Mentor

  • Hao, Nicholas

    USA Biology Olympiad Top 50, 2020

    Lux Mastery Achievement, S+, 2021

  • DECA International Career Development Competition Qualifier, 3rd Place

    TAMS Sports Club, Executive

  • He, Allison

    Scott and Myra Stoll Scholarship, recipient

    Receiving a 69 on a Statistics exam, but still ending up with an A

  • Ho, Dustin

    4-H Texas STEM and Water Ambassador

    NASA Aerospace Scholar

  • Huang, Jennifer

    2021 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, Qualifier

  • Janjirala, Jahnavi

    Replay, Editor-in-Chief

    Biology, Committee Head

  • Jayakumar, Subishka

    Dull Roar, Volunteering Coordinator

    Little Leaps, Co-Founder

  • Ji, Jessica

    UNT President's List

  • Jiang, Carina

    Ringling College of Art and Design Dean's Scholarship Recipient

    "If you aren't someone he church would've killed 400 years ago, are you even living?"

                            - Kate King

  • Joseph, Joshua

    National Merit Finalist

    Harvard Collegiate Undergraduate Research Association, Presenter

  • Joshi, Eeshan

    Chapter Contributor for Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Mark V. Albert

    TAMS Medical Society, Executive

  • Kabir, Ryan

    TAMS Global Organization, President and Co-Founder

    UNT Dallas, Research Assistant

  • Kantheti, Nalini

    Molecular Biology Lab with Dr. Dan Kunz, Research Assistant

    Senior Mentor for Girls Wing 4

  • Khare, Mihir

    National Merit Finalist

    Published in MRS Advances

  • Kim, Gunjung Kevin

    McConnell Hall Association, President

    Raised $100k for COVID-19 Relief through Chef Santa

  • Kim, Sunghu Justin

    Chapter Contributor Bridging Human and Artificial Ingtelligence by Dr. Mark V. Albert

    Conducted research in the lab of Dr. Mark Albert

  • Ko, Janice

    Project Smile, Coordinator

  • Kotha, Nidhi

    TAMS Facilitating Education Everywhere, Co-President

    FACES, Treasurer 

  • Kothapalli, Kesav

    2020 USABO Semifinalist

    McConnell Hall Association, Records Coordinator

  • Kowtha, Rithi

    FACES, President

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

  • Kumala, Tiffany

    Research Assistant - MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Oncology research for the early detection of metastatic liver tumors with Dr. Eugene Koay

    Chapter author of Memory:" Beyond the Hippocampus" in Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Mark V. Albert

  • Kumar, Abinaya

    TAMS Alumni Association Award

    Chemistry Lab of Dr. Hao Yan, Research Assisstant

  • Kumar, Harini

    TAMS Medical Society, Treasurer

    Driving Tomorrow, Business Director

  • Li, Daniel

    Ballot, Director of Competitions

    TAMS Shhiloh Field Committee Chairperson

  • Li, David

    National Merit Finalist

    Interviewed COVID-19 researcher from Hawaii

  • Li, John

    Driving Tomorrow, Executive

  • Li, Joseph

    USA Computing Olympiad, Gold Division

  • Liang, Ivy

    HOPE, Secretary

    TAMS Student Council, Events Coordinator

  • Limbasia, Shashwat

    Nanomaterials and Cell Network Design Research Group, member

    Eagle Scout

  • Liu, Grace

    National Merit Scholar

  • Liu, Jerry

    National Merit Finalist

    American Invitational Mathematics Examination Qualifier

  • Logan, Pranav

    Research Assistant, UNT Reconfigurable Computing Lab

    UNT President's List

  • Lu, David

    First author of a major journal paper

    USA Computing Olympiad, Gold Division

  • Luo, Ethan

    M.A.O. Volunteering Coordinator

    Shurima Cup Grand Prize, Two times

  • Luong, Aaron

    Accepted to UT

    Coauthor of research paper

  • Madireddi, Namitha

    UNT Institute in Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning, Research Assistant

    TAMS Academic Society, Treasurer

  • Maleki, Nirvana

    UNT Institute in Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning, Research Assistant

    International Brain Bee State Finalist

  • Mathew, Issac

    "Whatever you are, be a good one" - Abraham Lincoln


  • McCaulley, Samuel

    Come to class, Melissa is doing an attendance check!

    HOPE Shiloh Field Committee, Co-Chairperson

  • McDonald, Abigail

    Dull Roar, Committee Coordinator

    National Hispanic Recognition Scholar

  • Mehrotra, Rohan

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

    DECA International Career Development Conference, Qualifier

  • Nacar, Elijah

    ThinkMind, Published author

    National Merit Finalist

  • Nakka, Shreya

    TAMS Business Organization, Vice President

    UNT Collegiate DECA, President

  • Nallaparaju, Shreya

    TAMS Summer Research Scholar

    TMS Neuroscience Society, Committee Chairperson

  • Nanda, Devak

    Biomedical AI Lab, Research Assistant

  • Nelson, Phillip

    Co-Author of Paper Accepted to ACM richard Tapia Conference

    TAMS Senior Mentor

  • Nguyen, Adam

    Dull Roar Secretary and Treasurer

  • Nguyen, Bryan

    Operation Smile National Leadership Council

    Recognized by the American Dental Association for Give Kids a Smile events

  • Nguyen, Rachel

    Visual Arts and Design Pioneer

  • Ott, Elise

    Ignite, Discussion Coordinator

    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Presidential Scholarship Recipient

  • Phipps, Mina

    Accepted to Stanford University

    Driving Tomorrow, Director of Volunteering

  • Pilla, Pranathi

    International Science and Engineering Fair Biomedical Engineering,  2020 Finalist

    J.P. Morgan Chase Business Practices, Summer Intern

  • Prabhakar, Shakthi

    TAMS Senior Mentor

    2020 IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI), published

  • Repaka, Venkata Sree Harini

    Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference, Participant

  • Roach II, Eric

    TAMS Sports Club President

    National Society of Leadership and Success Inductee

  • Ruiz, Samuel

    National Hispanic Recognition Scholar

  • Ryu, Tiffany

    Project Smile, Executive

    Co-Author of Paper Accepted to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2021

  • Sadhu, Sriya

    Ballot, Executive

    National Merit Finalist

  • Sahoo, Avantika

    Forward Tutoring, Vice President

    Intellichoice, Committee Head

  • Saladi, Saathwik

    Recognized by Governor Greg Abbott in the 2021 State of the State speeck for services offered through the Telementor Program of the State of Texas

  • Sanders, Kaitlin

    TAMS Black Student Union, Co-Founder

    Psychology Research Lab Assistant

  • Sarnala, Sai

    2021 Goldwater Scholar

    2021 National Merit Scholar

  • Sharma, Minerva

    Naturally, President

    Senior Mentor

  • Shilling, Austin

    Juanita Miller Concerto Competition Grand Prize Winner

    The President's Own Concerto Competition, 3rd Place

  • Shori, Puranjay

    FACES, Event Coordinator

    TAMS Summer Research Scholarship Recipient

  • Singh, Avishi

    DECA Business Law and Ethics, 3rd Place

    TAMS Academic Tutoring Coordinator

  • Solomon, Michael

    Mu Alpha Theta, Vice-President

  • Song, Grace

    FACES, Vice-President

    National Merit Finalist

  • Sridharan, Harish

    HOPE, Executive

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Silver Medal

  • Summitt, Halle

    TAMS Sexuality and Gender Alliance, Executive

    TAMS Yearbook and Newspaper

  • Sun, Weilun

    Software Engineering Lab, Research Assistant

  • Tandon, Jasmine

    DECA International Career Development Contest, 1st Place

    TAMS Sexuality and Gender Alliance Events Coordinator

  • Thasma, Akshay

    National Merit Finalist

  • Tirumala, Priya

    Emory University Robert W. Woodruff Scholar Finalist

    National Merit Finalist

  • Tran, Gia-Uyen

    Dull Roar Video Producer

    Jacck Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Recipient

  • Tu, Sarah

    Visual Arts Scholastic Event State Medalist

    Mid-Cities Music Teachers Association Music Achievement Scholarship Recipient

  • Tu, Vivian

    MHA, Advertising Committee Head

    TMS Make-A-Wish Social Coordinator

  • Udash, Avi

    Chapter Cp-Author Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Mark V. Albert

    QuestBridge National College Match Scholarhsip Recipient

  • Ukraintsev, Alexei

    Tom Weiner Student Life Award

    TAMS Class of 2000 Perseverance Scholarship 2019-2020 Recipient

  • TAMS Summer Research Scholar

    National Honor Society

  • Walker, Avery

    Eureka!, Executive

    Over 100 volunteering hours

  • Developed See-NN as research for CSRL

    Developed a dynamic graphing website using the d3.js library

  • Wang, Derek

    American Invitational Mathematics Examination Qualifier

  • Xie, Danny

    "Oh jeez Rick!"

    Graduated from TAMS during COVID-19 pandemic with a B in English

  • Yang, Hubert

    Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament Integration Bee, 2nd Place

    Shurima Cup Clash Bracket of 8 Qualifier

  • Yella, Kathyayani Kathy

    UNT President's List, 4 semesters

    Wakeland Academic All Star Award Recipient

  • Zhang, Danny

    JETS, President

    TAMS Habitat for Humanity, Committee Chairperson

  • Zhang, Geoffrey

    Regeneron International Science and Engineering Finalist

    National Merit Scholar

  • Zhao, Michael

    TAMS Computer Science Organization, Executive

    TAMS Club Website, Designer and Programmer

  • Zhou, Anthony

    National Merit Scholar

    2020 AWS U.S.S University Startup Competition Winner