Visual Arts and Design

Required Courses for Graduation with TAMS Diploma (Visual Arts and Design Track)

All students are required to enroll in a mathematics course each semester of the first year.  Placement in mathematics courses is determined by the student’s score on the mathematics placement test given during summer orientation.  Visual Arts and Design students who complete Calculus II or higher their first year must take CSCE 1030 the fall semester of the second year.

The TAMS Visual Arts and Design Track provides students with a strong background for the creative arts fields. Students take courses in drawing, design, art appreciation, and art history while taking advantage of the latest technologies in UNT’s newly renovated Art Building and having access to several on-campus galleries and art institutes. Students continuing on to pursue a degree within the College of Visual Arts and Design go into careers as photographers, museum curators, graphic and user-experience designers, illustrators, art educators and historians, and fashion and interior designers.

Course Sequence

Fall 1   Spring 1  
MATH 1650 or 1710 5/4 hours MATH 1710 or 1720 4/3 hours
BIOL 1710 or 1711 & 1761 
CHEM 1410/1413 & 1430
5 hours*
4 hours
BIOL 1720 or 1722
CHEM 1420/1423 & 1440
3 hours*
4 hours
ENGL 1315 3 hours ENGL 1325 3 hours
ART 1600 3 hours ART 1700 3 hours
Seminar   ART 1301 3 hours
Total 14-16 hrs Total 16-17 hrs
Fall 2   Spring 2  
PHYS 1710, 1730 4 hours PSCI 2305 or 2306 3 hours
MATH 1720 or CSCE 1030 or
CNET 2300 or ENGR 1304
3/4 hours CSCE 1030 or CSCE 1040 or
CNET 2300 or ENGR 1304
3/4 hours
HIST 2610/2620 3 hours HIST 2610/2620 3 hours
ART 1800 3 hours ART 1900 3 hours
ENGL 2xxx-4xxx (Literature) 3 hours ENGL 2xxx-4xxx (Literature) 3 hours
Seminar   Seminar  
Total 16-17 hrs Total 15-16 hrs

Generally, TAMS students who maintain at least a 3.2 GPA are able to take electives after their first semester, provided that their course load does not exceed 19 hours.

*Students who choose to take the BIOL sequence must enroll in BIOL 1711/1761 during their first semester and BIOL 1722 during their second semester.  The only exception to this requirement is if BIOL 1711 and/or BIOL 1722 are scheduled on the same days/times as the required ART courses and only one section of the ART courses fit a student’s schedule based on the other required courses.  In other words, a student cannot avoid taking BIOL 1722 during the Spring semester by choosing THE sections of ART 1700 or 1301 that conflict with BIOL 1722 when other sections of those courses do not create a schedule conflict.