Computer Science + Computer Engineering

Required Courses for Graduation with the TAMS Diploma (Computer Science + Computer Engineering Track)

Students who complete Calculus II or higher the second semester of their first year are not required to enroll in mathematics courses during the second year.

The Computer Science + Computer Engineering Track is designed for students interested in pursuing careers that require a strong computer programming background. Students on this track will be well-positioned for a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology. Students who have little or no programming experience may need to seek additional support outside of class.

This track consists of two parallel sequences, CSCE 1030/1040 and the new CSCE 1035/1045 sequence. (Note that these cannot be mixed and matched: 1030 cannot be followed by 1045 and 1035 cannot be followed by 1040.) CSCE 1035 starts with Python and CSCE 1045 transitions into C++. CSCE 1035/1045 are required for UNT's new BS in Cybersecurity as well as the new BS in Geographic Information Systems+Computer Science while CSCE 1030/1040 are required for UNT's degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology. 

Course Sequence

Fall 1   Spring 1  
CSCE 1030 (with lab) or CSCE 1035 (with lab) 4 hours CSCE 1040 (with lab) or CSCE 1045 (with lab)  3 hours
CHEM 1410 (with lab) 4 hours CHEM 1420 (with lab) 4 hours
ENGL 1315 3 hours ENGL 1325 3 hours
MATH 1650 or 1710 5/4 hours MATH 1710 (or higher) 4/3 hours
Seminar   Seminar  
Total 15-16 hrs Total 13-14 hrs
Fall 2   Spring 2  
*CSCE 2100/2110 or BMEN 1300 or EENG 1910 or
ENGR 1304 or ENGR 2720 (with 2730 lab)
or INFO 3010 or LTEC 3000 or MTSE 1100
3 hours *CSCE 2100/2110 or
MATH 2700/2730/3410/3680
3 hours
PHYS 1710 (with lab) 4 hours PHYS 2220 (with lab) 4 hours
ENGL 2xxx-4xxx (Literature) 3 hours ENGL 2xxx-4xxx (Literature) 3 hours
HIST 2610/2620 3 hours HIST 2610/2620 3 hours
MATH 1720 (or higher) 3 hours PSCI 2305 or 2306 3 hours
Seminar   Seminar  
Total 16 hrs Total 16 hrs

*CSCE 2100 and CSCE 2110 have been redesigned and are no longer sequential courses. CSCE 2100 is a theory-based discrete structures course whereas CSCE 2110 is essentially Computer Programming 3, a natural follow-up to CSCE 1040. 

Generally, TAMS students who maintain at least a 3.2 GPA are able to take electives after their first semester, provided that their course load does not exceed 19 hours.