Teach and Learn

We (Teach and Learn) are a student-led organization that provides both academic support and tutoring to TAMS students. Our tutors are very knowledgeable in the subject matter as tutors are required to go through a rigorous application process involving a comprehensive interview. We offer both one-on-one help and review sessions for the entire student body class, including both juniors and seniors.

We aspire to reach out to the TAMS student body to assist students by providing apt tutoring for the specific class, including supplementary material (including student-made exams and extra material provided by the professor) in addition to the tutoring normally provided. Holding special review sessions before major tests, we make sure that each tutor commits to educating the student in a professional manner.


2013-2014 Officers
PresidentHelen Luhelenlu713@yahoo.com
Vice PresidentEileen Daieileen.dai96@gmail.com
Events Coordinator and PublicistJulia Shanjshan0922@yahoo.com
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