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Academy PlayersAcademy Players is a theatre club whose goal is to bring attention to the importance of laughter and having fun, all within legal limits.CONTACTFacebook


Ambassadors works to bridge the gap between current students and prospective TAMSters by allowing students to take part in Preview and interview Days, Spend-A-Days, and other outreach opportunities.CONTACTFacebook

Artfelt Association

Artfelt Association hopes to inspire creativity, self-expression, and compassion through its diverse weekly meetings, captivating art discussions, and multiple community volunteering events.CONTACTFacebook


BUILD is a club that approaches the idea of making - literally. BUILD should be seen as a movement, a makers movement. It is the TAMS Club that is dedicated to creating things, whether that's a greenhouse or a mobile application; we aim to create for the community.  Join the movement. What can you BUILD? CONTACTFacebook

Chess Club

Chess Club encourages new members to join and learn how to play and allows members to practice against each other during weekly meetings. We will also host tournaments and simuls, and play against the UNT Chess Team.  CONTACTFacebook

Computer Science

Computer Science Club seeks to foster interest in multiple fields of programming, for both beginners and advanced students.CONTACTWebsite

Dancing for a Cause

Dancing for a Cause is an organization uniting individuals of all ages under one common interest, that is, dance; and through this common interest creating a large student volunteering body to make a larger impact on the community, for the community, and for the world.CONTACTFacebook

Dull Roar

Dull Roar is TAMS's music organization and welcomes all TAMS students, regardless of music experience, to join; aside from weekly ensemble rehearsals, Dull Roar also participates in and encourages TAMSters to experience the local music scene and continue (or begin!) individual passions for music. CONTACTFacebook

EverCare Medical

EverCare Medical is a registered nonprofit organization in the state of Texas dedicated to fulfilling the medical needs of underprivileged families in Latin Amirica. We donate both nonprescription medications and clinical supplies and have supplied over $3000 worth of antibiotics, nebulizers, and first aid materials to clinics in Caracas, Venezuela. Join our club to help us on our mission to improve the overall health of the global community!CONTACTWebsite


 The Fellowship for the Advancement of Cultural Education for Students (FACES) is a multicultural club at UNT whose mission is to unite people by embracing cultural diversity, realize and respect different perspectives, and discuss and bring awareness to pressing global issues.  CONTACTFacebook
Food Research ClubClub Dedicated to help improve the TAMS community through practicing cooking and following nutrition.CONTACTFacebook
Forward TutoringForward Tutoring promotes community service and education by being a student-led 501(c)(3) non profit that provides free online quality tutoring to under served students in exchange for their volunteer hours.CONTACTWebsite
HALT HALT, or Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow, is a TAMS club dedicated to raising awareness about and to lessen the effects of world hunger.CONTACTFacebook
HOPEHOPE's goal is to better the lives of those in the community close to us as well as those far from us; we Help Other People Everywhere.CONTACTWebsite
Ignite Ignite Bible Study is a student led group worship session that meets weekly to praise, sing and learn about God's word.  Each week, we have GA's to allow our studnets to share their testimonies, study Bible verses, listen to seminars or even play fun games!  Whether you are a Christian or not, feel free to stop by, ask questions and participate politely.  Ignite welcomes you. CONTACTWebsite
Ion NewspaperThe Ion Newspaper was founded with the purpose of uniting the TAMS community through shared experiences. We work hard to make the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science a place where not only math and science are important.  We offer a place for creative expression and comedic relief through writing, photography, videography, and web design.CONTACTWebsite
JETS (Junior Engineering and Technical Society)We strive to cultivate a passion for science, engineering, and technology within TAMS and the Denton community through participation in various competitions, such as Science Olympiad and FIRST Robotics, and in several STEM based community service projects.CONTACTFacebook
Integrative Health and Outreach OrganizationIntegrative Health and Outreach Organization (IHOO) is a group dedicated to improving aspects of health, such as education, personal and public health, implementation, and a multitude of other components through volunteer and student-inspired effort in the North Texas area. CONTACTFacebook
Judicial BoardThe Judicial Board is a collection of TAMS students that serve in a section of the disciplinary system within TAMS. CONTACTFacebook
Model UNModel United Nations is a group that simulates the actual United Nations. We work to promote strong debate/speaking skills amongst our members, and offer the chance to attend different conferences every year, with potential to come away with awards. Members learn about international relations through respecting diversity, accepting different viewpoints, and finding peaceful, global solutions to the world’s major problems.CONTACTFacebook
MOEIn addition to bringing happiness and relaxation to the TAMS community, our main mission is to support an organization called Child’s Play -- a charity committed to improving the lives of children through the power of video games, toys, books, and more!CONTACTFacebook
Mu Alpha ThetaMission: To recognize and foster mathematical interests in the student body of TAMS and to encourage participation in math related activities and competitions.CONTACTFacebook
NaturallyNaturally, the TAMS environmental club, is committed to not only creating awareness of environmental issues in the community but also actively working towards sustainability at McConnell Hall, UNT, and Denton. CONTACT



PCs2Prosper empowers schoolchildren while reducing e-waste through computer donations and tutorials. The TAMS Chapter focuses on (1) Collecting unneeded computers from different companies, (2) Preparing the computers for usage by kids, which includes installing Ubuntu and optimization (3) Donating the computers to needy school students and their families in the nearby Denton area (4) Holding weekly sessions teaching students and their families about computer usage






We exist to make you smile. We do this by creating/eating good food, holding fun events, and holding fundraisers to give back to our community.




Project NepalProject Nepal is an organization founded by Sujay Lama that has helped educate children in Nepal the last 15 years. Our mission here at TAMS, is to organize and implement various events and mechanisms to raise money for this organization. A Nepalese child can be sponsored for only $200 and the more money we raise means the more children we can sponsor.CONTACT


Research OrganizationResearch Organization (RO) is committed to inspiring interest and helping TAMS students excel in the fields of research.CONTACT


RESOLVOur mission is to make and help others make cool things happen.CONTACTWebsite
ShadowShadow was founded to provide TAMS students with an early start to discovering the right career for them -- including anything from a profession in the legal system, to medical services, to the arts. Website
Speech and DebateWe compete in local, state, and national level speech and debate tournaments.CONTACTFacebook
Sports ClubOur mission is to encourage TAMS students to interact with one another and foster a sense of community through sports.CONTACTFacebook
TAMS Business OrganzationOur goal is to educate students and instill passion in the field of business and to show its role in both professional and everyday life.CONTACTFacebook
TAMS Creative Writing ClubTAMS Creative Writing Club is for students who are interested in expressing their creativity through writing. We bring together like-minded students, encourage imaginative and innovative thinking, help writers improve their skills, and offer opportunities for recognition and publication.CONTACTFacebook
TAMS Gavel Club TAMS Gavel Club is a Toastmasters International club for individuals under the age of 18.  Toastmasters International builds better leaders for tomorrow by improving communication skills through speech development and delivery and by improving listening skills.  Members are encouraged to develop and deliver speeches, participate in Table Topic discussions and provide evaluations to fellow members during the meeting.  Participants are given Toastmaster International Communication manuals to guide their speech development.  CONTACT Facebook
TAMS Linguistics SocietyTAMS Linguistics Society (TLS) brings together students who enjoy studying foreign languages and provides them with an environment that fosters this interest. We will participate in multilingual activities and information sessions. TLS serves as an oulet for those who wish to dicuss their love of language in the science and math-minded atmosphere of TAMS.CONTACTFacebook
TAMS Medical SocietyTAMS Medical Society is dedicated to enriching the medical experience of TAMS students through a host of activities, including, but not limited to, shadowing, volunteering, service, current events, and competitions.CONTACTFacebook
TAMSHamsTAMSHams aims to promote interest, and participation in amateur ("ham") radio and generally do cool stuff on the air.CONTACTFacebook
Teach and LearnTeach and Learn's goal is to provide academic support and tutoring to TAMS students; we host review sessions, fundraisers, and comprehensive test preparation sessions.CONTACTFacebook
The Supply at UNTThe Supply is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that activates urban slums by raising awareness about the importance of education and fundraising to build schools in slum areas. CONTACTFacebook
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YearbookYearbook's goal is to capture and preserve the moments that take place throughout the year and ensure that our time at TAMS is no forgotten. CONTACT Facebook























































































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