Early TAMS Summer Research

Note:  Information regarding Early Summer Research for Class of 2019 will not be posted until February, 2017.  


Early Summer Research Opportunity for the Incoming Class of 2018

Please note:   Current TAMS junior and seniors are ineligible for the Early Summer Research Scholarship.

In the summer of 2016 TAMS will launch an early-enrollment, early-research experiment for six members of the incoming Class of 2018. We shall place those students in UNT-based research labs (though under the rubric of a formal course. Students, likely working in different labs with different professors,  will devote their full time to research (usually 30+ hours per week, but sometimes more due to other expectations associated to specific projects). You will likely interact with other TAMS undergraduates, with UNT graduate students, and, of course, with the professor.  You will thereby receive a significant head start on adjusting to life at UNT, on learning how to navigate the society of a research lab, and on making contributions to your field of study.

To that end, you would be conducting on-campus research  from June 6-July 29. Doing so will allow you to have access to UNT facilities (Health Center, the library, the recreation center, etc.). You would have to have health insurance—either through a family policy or purchased separately, for example,  via United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCFR.com/unt). The price of coverage from UHCFR, May 16-Aug. 13,  is $464.00. You would, moreover, be responsible for locating your own housing, either on- or off-campus, and having your parents agree that you are responsible enough to live unsupervised during this summer period. You otherwise may live at home but would have to arrange your own reliable transportation to and from campus every morning and afternoon, and during weekend hours when your professor expects you to be in the lab.

TAMS will award a $3000 scholarship to help students meet those enrollment, insurance, and living expenses.

Our decision about whom to accept will be final and without appeal.  Clearly, we expect more qualified applicants than we can accommodate, and we shall have to match student preference with available and appropriate labs and professors.  Students who do not gain admission to this program will seek out research opportunities after they arrive at TAMS in August.

Please make sure, whatever your disposition on applying for the Early Summer Reseach, not to delay confirming your intent to enter TAMS.  That document is still due by May 16th.