Rohini Ravindran received her M.D. degree from Trinity College, Ireland, and is now in the internship year of her Neurology residency at the University of Minnesota. (9-3-08)

Krista Jahnke received her M.D. degree from Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine in May, 2005.

Jim Keith is an engineer working for Camp Dresser and McKee in Dallas. He and his wife Lucy have a daughter named Scarlett. (1-14-08) (I saw Jim and his lovely wife and child at the Dallas Galleria around Christmas, 2007 - ed.)

Elizabeth Huff Malek received a B.S. in Botany from Texas A&M University, followed by a doctorate in Plant Medicine (www.dpm.ifas.ufl.edu/) from the University of Florida. Elizabeth works as a crop supervisor for Glades Crop Care, Inc. in southwest Florida. (4-10-08)

Ben Stewart received a law degree from Columbia University Law School. He met his wife, Erin, at law school and she is currently working for the UNT Office of General Counsel. Ben is working with some other alumni to restart the TAMS Alumni Association. (4-21-08).

Kindel Elam is an attorney in Houston (http://www.fulbright.com/kelam).

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