Suzanne Smith Steffens is working on an MBA at Duke University



Will Ikerd graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Structural Engineering with a specialization in 3D computer modeling. He is currently Director of Advanced Building Design at CDC/Intertech world headquarters in Dallas, incorporating building information modeling into the structural design of buildings. (5-12-2006)

Travis Plunk has been working for Microsoft since 1999. He works on products and technology related to Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Group Policy, and WSUS. He gathers data generated by these technologies from thousands of computers at Microsoft and analyzes the data to identify defects, including during the internal beta tests. Travis says "almost no one understands the purpose of what my team does except my management." Running the software with real users, behaving like they would everyday provides valuable data about how the software will likely perform in the real world. (3-3-09)

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