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Sharon Vann
College Advisor, Sage Hall 202A

If you have a college counseling question please use the e-mail below.

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College Counseling Forms

Below are the forms that will be used in your college counseling process. They are in Microsoft Word format so that you may download them, fill them in and return them by e-mail to

This information is treated as confidential and is only used for the college admissions and recommendation writing process. We use this information to add depth and character to our letters of recommendation. They help us more accurately relay your personality, strengths and your passions to the colleges.

Parent Assessment FormPersonal Information SummaryPeer Reference Form
Due by June 30th

This form should be completed by the parents. You should download the form, fill in the blanks, save and return by email. When you save the form, use the following format:


The PA in front of the name indicates that this is a Parent Assessment form. The rest is the students last name, first name and middle initial (if applicable).

Due by June 10th

This should be completed by the student. Please take your time, consider your answers, and be honest with yourself and us. Save it in the following format:


The PI indicates that it is a Personal Information Summary form. The rest is your last name, first name and middle initial (if applicable).
Due by April 30th

This should be completed by a friend of the student. Ask a friend to open the form, complete it, save it and return it by e-mail. It should be saved in the following format:


The PR indicates that it is a Peer Reference Form. The rest is your last name and first name.
Parent Assessment.docPersonal Info.doc Peer Reference.doc
I Statement FormEssay QuestionsGuidelines for Applications
Due by April 30th

This form should be completed by the student. Once you have completed the form please save it in the following format:


Using your last name, then first name and the #25 will help us identify the document as your I Statement form.
This year, for the first time, there are hard word limits for the Common Application Essay. Please go to Common App to see the questions and the guidelines. WORK ON THESE THIS SUMMER! Do not wait until September to begin them.

The Apply Texas essay questions are available as well. Go look at a sample application at Apply Texas to look at the essay prompts. Remember that these are only the base questions – there may be more for your particular major or for particular scholarships. If you are applying to Texas A&M or UT Austin, COMPLETE ESSAY QUESTION C – even though it says it is optional.
College Application Process Presented at Junior Seminar by Sharon Vann
I Statement.doc Guidelines for College Applications


Letters of Recommendation

Are you wondering how to ask your professors for letters of recommendations?  Are you wondering how to go about asking them?  Click on the link to see a sample letter that you may use when asking for letters from your instructors.  Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks when requesting recommendations from anyone.

You should also remember to send thank you notes to anyone you have asked letters of recommendations from.  Just a simple note of appreciation informing them of the college or university that you have decided to attend.

Letter of Recommendation Request Example
Letter of Recommendation Request for Professor Inman

Resume Examples

Here are samples of two academic resumes.  These are just examples to get you started.  You may use any format you wish.  Try to keep the resume to no more than 2 pages.

Resume Example 1
Resume Example 2

Fee Waiver Form

Fee Waiver Guidelines & Request Form

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